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DEIB at Guru

We're committed to creating a work experience where all employees feel a sense of inclusivity and belonging.
We embrace diverse experiences, backgrounds, and skill sets to make us stronger and smarter. We understand that diverse teams do better, so we created an intentional and deliberate strategy to ensure we're actively building one.

Guru’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy is based upon four foundational components:

Foundation 1: Recruitment & Retention

A holistic Talent Acquisition process that engages a more diverse candidate pool coupled with a data-driven pipeline strategy that is intended to increase representation at every stage of the recruitment process and increase the diversity in every team at Guru. We've created proactive listening systems to ensure we’re retaining our employees from underrepresented communities.

Foundation 2: Equity Through Policy

Our policies are designed to facilitate success for all team members that must:

  1. grant reasonable consideration to the work/life needs of all team members
  2. encourage appropriately differentiated professional development opportunities
  3. support managers in providing all team members with fair opportunities to achieve their maximum potential — recognizing that people enter the workforce and advance through their careers with unevenness of advantage and opportunity — so what is “fair opportunity” is not the same for everyone.

Foundation 3: Education on Inclusivity

To foster an inclusive work experience, all stakeholders throughout the organization see the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce, as well as the barriers to inclusivity and effective practices and policies in creating psychological safety in the workspace.

Foundation 4: Community Engagement

We’re committed to the mutual enrichment of both our internal and external communities. We drive change, and enhance the efforts of our partners wherever possible.

Over the years, we've created and nurtured our internal community of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) including: Black at Guru, DEIB Committee, Jewish at Guru, Guru LGTBQ+, and Women at Guru.

⭐️ Building belonging means creating a culture that doesn’t only tolerate differences, but embraces them! ⭐️

👀 For more on how we're working towards Becoming a More Equitable Company and an update on our Community Outreach, feel free to explore these links!

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