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File Management

Welcome to the GoRev File Management Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of Uploading and Retrieving Patient Files in GoRev.

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1 : Navigating to the Patient Overview Module

As a GoRev user, you will have the ability to Upload and Retrieve Patient Files in the File Management area of the Patient Overview Module. In order to navigate to the Patient Overview Module, first, begin by entering the required Patient’s NameAccount Number, or Social Security Number into the corresponding field in the Search area of the GoRev Homepage.image.png

As you are entering this information, existing Patient Accounts will appear below the field that you are filling. Once you locate the correct Patient Account, please use the arrow keys to highlight this Patient Account and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.image.png

2 : Locating the File Management Area

At this point, the Patient Overview Module for the selected Patient will appear on your screen. The File Management section, located in the upper right corner of this window, will allow you to Upload and Retrieve Files for this Patient.image.png

3 : Beginning the File Upload Process

In order to Upload Patient Files to this account, first, begin by clicking on the “Upload Files” button present in the File Management area.image.png

4 : Selecting a Patient File to Upload

Once the File Browser appears on your device, please select the File that you would like to Upload to the Patient's Account by clicking on the corresponding File in this window.image.png

Then, click “Open”.image.png

5 : Beginning the File Categorization Process

At this point, the “Multi-Document Upload” window will, now, be visible. To continue, please click on the Checkbox next to the File that you would like to Upload to the Patient's Account.image.png

6 : Categorizing the Selected Patient File

Next, please select a Category for the File. To begin, please click on the “Set Category” button in this window.image.png

Once the Set Category drop-down menu becomes visible, please select the appropriate Category from the list.image.png

7 : The Multi-File Upload Process

Beginning the Multi-Document Upload Process

Note: If you would like to Upload multiple Patient Files simultaneously, first, begin by clicking on the “Choose Files” button in the “Multi-Document Upload” window.image.png

Selecting the Required Patient File

After a File Browser window becomes visible, please select the File that you would like to Upload to the Patient’s Account. Then, click “Open”.image.png

Categorizing the Patient File

At this point, the Patient File will be present in the “Multi-Document Upload” window. Now, in order to select a Category for the Patient File, first, begin by clicking on the Checkbox next to the corresponding Patient File on your screen.image.png

Next, please select the Category for this Patient File using the “Set Category” button in this window.image.png

Note: If you would like to Upload additional Patient Files at this time, please use the above procedure for each Patient File that you require.

8 : The File Removal Process

Beginning the File Removal Process

Conversely, if there is a Patient File or multiple Patient Files in the “Multi-Document Upload” window that you do not want to Upload to the Patient’s Account at this time, please begin the File Removal process by clicking on the Checkbox next to the Patient File(s) that you do not want to Upload.image.png

Un-checking Patient Files Not to be Removed

Next, please make sure that the Checkbox next to each Patient File that you do not wish to Remove is unchecked.image.png

Removing the Selected Patient Files

Now, in order to remove the Selected File(s), click on the “Remove File” button in the “Multi-Document Upload” toolbar.image.png

9 : Final Selection of Patient Files to be Uploaded

At this point, the Selected File(s) will no longer be present in the “Multi-Document Upload” window. To continue the File Upload process, please finalize the list of Patient Files to be Uploaded to the Patient's Account by adding or removing any Files that you require using the steps discussed above.image.png

10 : Uploading the Selected Patient Files

Once you are finished, click on the “Confirm Upload” button in this window to Upload the Files to the Patient Account.image.png

11 : Locating the Uploaded Patient Files

At this point, the Uploaded Patient File(s) will be present in the File Management area of the Patient Overview Module.image.png

12 : Retrieving Previously Uploaded Patient Files

In addition to the Uploading of Patient Files, the File Management area will, also, allow you to Retrieve Patient Files from the Patient’s Account. As a GoRev User, you may Retrieve a Patient File from a Patient’s Account by double-clicking on the corresponding Patient File present in the File Management area of the Patient Overview Module.image.png

After double-clicking on the appropriate Patient File, the selected File will appear on your device.

13 : Uploading Patient Files During New Visit Creation

Beginning the File Upload Process During New Visit Creation

In addition to the Patient Overview ModulePatient Files can, also, be Uploaded to a Patient's Account using the “Upload Files” area in the “Finalize Visit Creation” window of the New Visit module.image.png

To begin Uploading a File to the Patient's Account, please click on the “Browse” button in this area.image.png

Selecting the Patient File to Upload

Once the File Browser appears on your screen, please click on the Patient File in this window that you would like to Upload and then click “Open”.image.png

Locating the Selected Patient File

After completing the Upload process, the corresponding Patient File will be present in the “Pending Uploads” section of the Upload Files area.image.png

If you would like to Upload additional Files to the Patient's Account, please complete the above process for each File that you require.

Removing a Patient File from the Pending Uploads List

Note: In the event that you need to remove a Patient File from the Pending Uploads list, please begin by selecting the appropriate Patient File from the list.image.png

Then, click on the “Remove” button present in the Upload Files area to complete the removal process.image.png

If you need to remove additional Patient Files from the list, please repeat the above process for each Patient File that you require.

Additional Resources

GoRev Support Team

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this tutorial, please contact the GoRev Support Team by phone at (317) 794-3900 or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue. If you are unsure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the IT Support Ticket Creation tutorial for assistance.

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