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Jon Billett's Weekly Quarantine Playlists

Tank Tops & Sunshine Highways

A simple, feel-good, care-free collection of tunes that remind me of the break of Spring weather and being outside with friends. A lil synth. A lil rock. All uplifting. Goes great with:

  • starting your morning off right with a cup of coffee and some light dance moves

  • daytime drinking and BBqing. Maybe a little cornhole or beer pong

  • a charcuterie plate, a bottle of rose or white wine, and a board game

  • people-watching on a city stoop

  • a drive along the PCH with the windows all the way down

  • a walk through hidden city streets, searching for spring blooms

  • smiles, light dancing, and high-fives

Please Have a Seat

 the best way to listen is to kick back, and chilllllll. Overall, the songs on this list are fairly light on vocals, leaning on the rhythm and melodies to sweep you away. So fire it up, grab your coffee or tea, tell everyone around you to stfu and feel the groove as you get lost in your to-do list/code/writing assignment/designs. Enjoy!

Date Night

Home quarantine can certainly make us pretty complacent in our home lives. So tonight, put your phones away, and turn off the news. Take a chill pill on the Netflix-and-chill. Ditch the sweatpants and leggings and give your boo a little undivided attention – whether they’re sitting right next to you or just a zoom call away. Play a board game. Learn a new card game. Make dinner. Treat yourselves. Flip through some old photo albums. Have a slow-dance party. Gaze at the stars. Who knows, you may just end up having a great night.

This playlist is a mix of songs from all eras, which is sonic proof that while musical fads and fashions will change with every generation, love -- and the songs inspired by it -- will never go out of style. Enjoy!

Grandad's Radio

Let this one take you back to when times were a bit simpler. As Bob Seger said:  I still like that old time rock and roll. The kinda music just soothes the soul. I reminisce about the days of old, with that old time rock and roll. Call me a relic call me what'cha will. Say I'm old fashioned say I'm over the hill. Today's music just ain't got the same soul – I like that old time rock and roll.   Enjoy!

A Static & Strange Odyssey

In this playlist you'll find overly prolonged lo-fi riffs, strange staticky noises, and mind-bending melodies that are either from the 60s/70s, or sound like they should be. The songs start out optimistic and lighthearted, but slowly begin to pull you along a trip through the depths of your mind, eventually bringing you back to a familiar place by the time its all said and done. Best listened to while:

  • transitioning from sunlight to darkness while getting lost in the woods

  • doing a puzzle

  • closing your eyes, bobbing your head on your repeat, and indulging in your psychedelic "cocktail" of choice

  • sitting around a campfire while mindlessly getting lost in the embers

  • watching strange, drippy, twirly visuals on your muted tv

  • laying on the floor while your noise cancellation headphones smugly compress your ear holes, creating a sonic vortex in the depths of your mind

Never Been Punk Enough

Depending on your roots, you're going to either love or hate this one - there's no in-between. Never Been Punk Enough is an homage to my energetic, rebellious, and explorative DIY teenage years. Punk Rock tends to be more about the subculture lifestyle than the artistry of the music - there's almost a beauty to being raspy, 3-chorded, short-fused and stripped down. So if you're a crafty music enthusiast who didn't grow up with punk rock, then this may feel like anything but music to your ears.

What I love about this playlist is that it's 75 straight minutes of melodic, anthemic and angsty adrenaline. There are no ebbs and flows here. No crescendos. No diminuendos. Need a Thursday pick-me-up after a long monotonous week? Fire this puppy up, and burn some serious calories while you air-drum your arms into oblivion or tackle those house-cleaning chores that you've been neglecting at rapid speed. Being at a punk rock show is pretty much the exact opposite of social distancing – so while it'll be quite some time before moshpits and crowd surfing are acceptable forms of interaction again, hopefully this eclectic mix of vintage & modern rippers gets your adrenaline pumping and your heart thumping. Enjoy! Oi, oi, oi!

Artist Spotlight: The Sounds

Friday afternoon's edition is an Artist Spotlight on The Sounds - a Swedish, female-led, indie rock/synth/pop/dance band who I was first introduced to when I saw them perform at the Union Transfer shortly after the venue opened in November of 2011 (my 1st ever UT show!) So I'll admit - I hadn't listened to them recently, but last weekend they randomly popped up on a workout playlist and I had a sudden thought of "Ya know what? More people need to know about The Sounds!!

They're like a big blend of Blondie <> LCD <> The Faint <> Joan Jett <> Clap Your Hands <> The Strokes. And the singer Maja is an absolute badass who dances, jumps around and does lotsa kicks non-stop during live shows, smoking cigs and chugging PBR cans in-between songs. That's all. Enjoy!

Dance, Dance, Slay (at Home)

It's Friday, and it's the end of the work week .It's time to Dance, Dance, Slay (at Home) 

The final playlist of the week starts out soft, and progressively climbs the banger ladder over the next 80 minutes, eventually slowing to a nice steady landing. It should feel like the sun progressively breaking through the clouds after a long gray day. Before you know it, the weight has been lifted off your shoulders, your sunglasses are on, your guard is down, you take that first sip of your cold, cold beverage, and you get hit with a wave of energy bigger than any you've felt all week. Cheers my friends. The weekend has arrived. It's time to dance it off. You've earned it.

I hope you've enjoyed the playlists this week. I had a lot of fun sharing them. Rock on.