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Tips from #guru-moms on work & life in the time of Covid

Moms at Guru were asked by Power to Fly for some tips on how we’ve been juggling working from home while looking after our kids. We all agreed that this task seemed intimidating because we’re no experts and certainly haven’t figured things out (it’s hard enough during "normal" life to attempt to balance it all). We put this list together via our #guru-moms slack channel (see tip # 4) If you’re a working parent and struggling to make it all work right now we hope these tips are approachable and at the very least, know that you’ve got solidarity in #guru-moms ❤️

[*we all have kids under 4 yrs. old]

  1. Embrace the mess

  2. It’s ok to do away with normal rules - screentime limits don’t exist in quarantine!

  3. Wear a fanny pack! Have access to your phone and other small items while chasing little ones around.

  4. Find solidarity at work - are there other moms/parents that you can start a text group or slack channel with? We’ve shared wins and fails and cute photos and it helps.

  5. Set boundaries when you can.

  6. Be strict about carving SOME time for self-care every day, even if it’s a 10 minute meditation as you wind down before bed.

  7. Get outside at least once per day, even if it’s just to stand outside & breathe fresh air.

  8. "The one thing that [my partner] and I have found to really work well is post-bedtime, review our schedules for the next day to split out our coverage for the day. It is way easier for us to know slotted times where we can/can’t “work” while on baby duty and it helps both of us focus during the time when the other is “off” (though we’re never off, are we?)"