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Hidden and Archived Assignments

The Prompt platform does not allow deleting an assignment that has already been submitted. Instead, assignments can be archived or "hidden", which hides them from the default display of the essay list but ensures the essay and previous submissions are still accessible to counselors. Essays get archived for two reasons:

  1. They are manually deleted by an IEC via the Delete Assignment button on the assignment card

  2. They are removed as part of the school data update process when we determine the essay is no longer accepted at the school(s) that accepted it previously

Viewing Hidden essays

Hidden essays can be viewed by counselors using the "View x Hidden Essays" checkbox at the top of the essay list (specifically, the version of the essay list organized by school). Checking this expands the schools with hidden essays on the student's essay list, and displays those hidden essays. Hidden essays can be opened and updated just like all other essays on a student's essay list.

Hidden essays cannot be viewed by a student - only counselor


Un-hiding essays

Counselors (not students) can un-hide essays by first viewing them on the essay list, then clicking the green arrow on the essay to open the assignment card. A green Restore Assignment button will exist where the Start/Continue writing button usually does. Clicking this - and confirming - restores the assignment and makes it visible to student again. Note that the draft history can be accessed without restoring the assignment. After restoration, a student's previous start/continue writing Google Doc is again accessible on the assignment card.


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