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Template: Sales Onboarding: Who You Need to Meet

You should schedule time to meet the following people in your first month at GreatCo. They are all expecting you to reach out, so don't worry about throwing some time (between 30 mins - 1 hour) on their calendars!

  • Demos: Speak with @jim about how to demo Guru. This should be done in your second week.

  • Revenue Operations: Reach out to @angela to get an understanding of how Rev Ops supports you & the rest of the revenue team via processes, policies, tools & data.

  • Customer Success (CX or CS): Set up time with @andy to learn what it's like to implement a customer successfully. This will help you communicate expectations to prospects.

  • Customer Support: Talk with @pam about what it’s like if a product issue comes up for a user.

  • Product Marketing: Find time with @michael to talk about GreatCo.'s positioning and competitive landscape. This will be especially helpful in week three, as you will be doing your customer stories certification.

  • Product: @pam will be conducting a monthly product onboarding training

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