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Okta Configuration Instructions

  1. Log in to your Guru account.

  2. Navigate to your avatar -> Team Settings -> Apps & Integrations > SSO/SCIM page:

  • Take note of your Team ID.

  • Identity Provider Single-Sign on URL: Copy and paste the following value: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Identify Provider Issuer: Copy and paste the following value: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • X.509 Certificate: Copy and paste the following value: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Provision Type: Select a required option.

  • Session Timeout: Select the number of days you want your users to be logged in before their session times out.

  • SSO State: Toggle to ENABLED

  • Click Update SSO.


  1. In Okta, click on the Sign On tab for the Guru app, and then click Edit.

  • Scroll down to the Advanced Sign-On Settings Section.

  • Enter your Team ID from Step #2.

  • Set your "Application username format" to Email

  • Click Save: