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Best Practice: Sending meeting pre-reads

TLDR: Experiment with sending meeting pre-reads for working group and large team meetings (the works) to promote asynchronous work.

Why: In seeking to both share and digest knowledge, empowering teammates with context prior to a meeting can make the Zoom-time more collaborative and productive (and even fun?)


  • Share a pre-read Guru Card (including a private Card or a Knowledge Alert if there is a timely, required action other than digesting knowledge like filling out a form).

  • Experiment with Loom to provide context (this is especially helpful when asking for feedback on long form documents)

  • Include in your calendar invitation as well


  • Send at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting

  • Be mindful of how long it will take your audience to digest and take action on the knowledge. Include that time-frame in your communication

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