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Template: How to Schedule a Conference/Huddle Room

Our offices contain several conference and huddle rooms that can be reserved using a Google Calendar event. When creating an event that requires a room, you can add a room using the New Event screen. Fortunately, Google Calendar makes it very easy to see which rooms are available during the time of your meeting, along with all of the relevant information such as the size of the room, what features it has an a brief description of the room.

Available Rooms on Enterprise (Alpha Quadrant)

The following table describes the available rooms available in the Enterprise office.

Bridge15The main conference room
Battle Bridge8The secondary conference room
Warp Core4The large huddle room on the left
Ready Room2The middle huddle room
Stellar Cartography2The right most huddle room
Observation Lounge8Only conference room on the 5th deck
Holodeck 11Phone booth on starboard side of deck 11
Holodeck 21Phone booth on the port side of deck 11

Available Rooms on DS9 (Gamma-ish Quadrant)

The following table describes the available rooms available in the DS9 office.

The Promenade8The main conference room
Garak's1Phone booth 1
Quark's1Phone booth 2

Scheduling a Room

When you create a new Event and pick a time, you can add a Room by going to the "Room" tab to right of the "Guests" tab.

Google will automatically show you the available Rooms for that particular time. You can hover over the room to see other notes about and what kinds of features it has (such as a Television or a Zoom Room). Once you select the Room, it will added as the "Location" in your meeting. When you save the meeting, your meeting will be added to the Room and it will be reserved. Anyone else who attempts to schedule the Room for that time will be declined.

Feel free to read the article from the Google help documentation on booking the room.

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