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Requesting Access to Your Child(ren)'s Inclusive Ed Package in Clevr

If you have NOT already created a parent account in Clevr, please click the following link and follow the steps: Creating A Parent Account in Clevr

  1. Login to Clevr with your Email Address and Password:
    (If you have just created your account, you will be automatically sent to the next screen)

  2. From the Parent Dashboard, click on Request Access from the Student Record Access section.

  3. Enter the Student first name, Student last name, and Identification number - which is your child's ASN (Alberta Student Number) - and choose Parent Acknowledgement of Information from the Form dropdown menu.

    Click the Request Access button.

    *NOTE: If you do not know your child's ASN number, you will find it at the top of the page when you login to your PowerSchool Parent Account and click on Grades and Attendance.

  4. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for EACH child that you require access to.

    *Once you've submitted your request, the Inclusive Education Coordinator at your child's school will need to approve the request (access will not be granted instantly). *

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