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Knowledge Council Maintenance Checklist 🛠️

Collection Health

Review this Card to check your Collection health. To make maintenance easier, consider:

Share best practices and ideas that have helped you in our Knowledge Council Slack channel. Refer back to our Knowledge Council Charter as needed.

Weekly Maintenance


  • Verify your own Cards

  • Are there any unverified Cards?

    • If a Card is unverified:

      • Click to see the verification of the card via the !

      • Check the verifier: Who is the verifier of the card and is that person still the correct subject matter expert?

        • If the verifier is correct, check in with them and understand what support they need to verify their cards in a timely manner

        • If the verifier is incorrect, reassign it to the expert in your respective collection

        • If you’re unsure who should verify the card, use Card commenting to communicate with the author, expert, or new verifier to get everyone on the same page

      • Check the content of the Card: If the verifier is correct (and it's you!)—review the content. Is everything in this Card still up to date and accurate? Do you need to edit certain parts of the Card?

      • Check out the verification interval. If the knowledge on the Card is evergreen and doesn't change often (i.e. your grandma's fave lentil soup recipe) you can adjust the interval to a longer time (this will automatically verify the card).

      • Are people viewing this card? Click into the Details tab of the card to check the views. If no one's viewing this Card, consider archiving it.

organize content

  • Check for Cards not on a Board in Card Manager—decide if it makes sense to put them on a Board

  • Ensure there is no duplicate content by using Duplicate Detection.

  • Use Tag Manager to check for new/uncategorized Tags


  • Review Most Popular Cards and advertise to the team (post in Slack or use Knowledge Alerts)

  • Celebrate top Card users in Slack

Monthly Maintenance

Structure content

  • Walk through your Collection experience—Does the Board structure in your Collection make sense for someone viewing your collection for the first time? 

update permissions

  • Are the subject matter experts who author in your collection in the appropriate Guru group?

  • Is there private knowledge that other groups need to access? If so, adjust Board permissions

Fill in knowledge gaps

  • Look at Guru Search Analytics, specifically searches producing no results. Is there a Card that could be created based on these gaps?

    • Assign Authors to create content to fill these gaps

You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards. Contact your team's Guru admins to use this template.