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Pulling Ticket Linking data using a JSON to CSV Converter (External)


If you're interested in API Analytics reports (🧠think event history and ticket linking 🧠) but do not have development resources to build those reports, we can use a JSON to CSV converter to convert the API endpoint results into CSV or Excel spreadsheets.


At the moment, we do not have a KCS Ticket Linking report on the webapp or available on our developer site. This is an alternative to empower users to run their own reports without needing engineering resources. Below are instructions on how you can get these reports into spreadsheet form.

Get your API Token

  1. Generate your API Token

  2. In a separate tab in Google Chrome, copy the analytics endpoint you are interested in:

    1. Ticket Linking Report:

  3. When Chrome asks you for the username and password, use your Guru username and your API Token as the password (See image below)


  1. Hit Enter and {Hopefully} you will see the JSON response of the API Endpoint


Copy JSON Response into a CSV Converter

  1. Copy the text from the response in your Chrome window

  2. Go to a JSON to CSV Converter site (there are a ton out there)

  3. Copy the JSON response into the input section

  4. Skip to Step 3 (on the page) and either Convert JSON to CSV or JSON to Excel

  5. Preview the results and select Download image.png

^Have to love the Google Guru Ad 😎


And from there you can copy into Google sheets and start your analysis!

KCS Ticket Linking Report Example:

Associated API Documentation:

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