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Structuring the School Day for At-Home Learning

Sample K-12 Family Schedule - An Online School Day

Daily activityDurationTimes per DayActivity Options
Academic Time30-50 Minutes4-6Read and review learning materials, take notes, complete learning activities, attend online learning sessions
Brain Breaks15-30 minutes2-3Take a walk, get a snack, stretch, do yoga or mindful meditation, dance, play outside
Meals30-60 minutes3Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner (interact with family members during meal time)
Chores15-30 minutes2-3Make bed, tidy up room and workspace, help prepare meals, set table, put away toys
Socialization30 minutes2-3FaceTime or meet online with friends or family, meet with clubs virtually, social media, play board games, cards, or backyard games
EnrichmentVariesVaries Read, create: use art supplies, legos, building materials, watch an educational program, play or learn a musical instrument, listen to a podcast or audiobook, write a letter or journal, explore virtual field trips, do puzzles or puzzle book activities (word search, logic puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku)

Source: Pearson

For additional inspiration on activities check out this card DRAFT: Remote recess resources

HMH offers free resources to support continued at home learning.

  • Free learning activities, lessons, downloadables, and videos for kids in Grades K–12

  • Many activities are available in Spanish

  • Their "Ready, Set, School!" student podcasts, specific to grade levels, help kids to understand how school will feel different this year and give them the tools and reassurance for success.

Check out these ready-to-use schedules from Khan Academy for children ages 2-7

  • The printable schedules are personalizable and come in both written and drawn out formats.

  • They are accompanied by annotated parent guides that provide helpful tips to carve out parent work time throughout the day.