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Supplier Code of Conduct

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This Supplier Code of Conduct (The Code) is build upon the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. policy initiative (“UNGC”) and is complemented with Eye-share AS specific expectations.

The Code sets out the mandatory minimum requirements to be applied between Eye-share's Suppliers and comprises of the following areas:

  • Human rights
  • Labor conditions
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption and fair business practices

Scope and applicability:

The Supplier shall at all times during the term of agreement(s) with Eye-share AS comply with this Supplier Code in all countries they operate.
It is the responsibility of the Supplier to ensure that its employees, relevant affiliated companies and subcontractors are informed about the content and comply with the requirements.

The Supplier undertakes to comply with the UNGC principles as well as local regulations and legal practices.

In cases of conflict between relevant laws and the principles described in this Code, the highest standard shall prevail to ensure sustainable operations.

Human rights and labor conditions:

Non-discrimination and equal opportunities

Employees are hired and treated in a manner that does not discriminate with regard to gender, nationality, religion, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, political opinion, union membership, or social or ethnic origin.

The Supplier promotes the idea that all employees shall be treated with equal respect and dignity.

Furthermore, the Supplier promotes a culture of equal opportunities and diversity where appointments to jobs, rewarding and personal success depend on individual ability and performance.
Fundamental human rights shall be known, understood and respected and applied equally to all employees whether temporarily or permanently hired, or contracted.

Physical abuse and forced labor

Employees shall not be subject to corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. Child labor or other forms of compulsory or forced labor, including trafficking, are not accepted.

In regard to child labor, the ILO convention No. 138 on the minimum age for admission to employment and work must be respected. No one under 15 years of age or below the country’s legal minimum age is employed by Eye-share AS´s subcontractors.

Forced labor means “all work or service, which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself / herself voluntarily”. Examples of forced labor are for example withholding wages or identity documentation, restricting movement, fraudulent debt, violence, threat or intimidation.

Fair labor conditions

The Supplier supports the freedom of association, and all employees have the right to be a member of a trade union and to bargain collectively.

The Supplier shall not discriminate against worker’s representatives or members of trade unions, which shall also have access to carry out their representative functions in the workplace.

Wages and benefits

Suppliers should strive to pay all workers a wage that meets basic needs and provides a discretionary income in compliance with all national applicable laws.

Employees with the same qualifications, experience and performance have the right to equal pay for equal work with respect to their relevant comparators. Men and women should be equally remunerated.
Working hours and overtime must be kept within local legal limits.

Health and safety

All employees are provided with safe and healthy working conditions and environments. Adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health shall be taken by minimizing the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment and by providing appropriate safety equipment.



The Supplier shall have a precautionary approach in order to minimize environmental impacts within its value chain.
The Supplier shall have an environmental management system ensuring effective planning, operation and control of environmental aspects. The Supplier’s environmental management system shall be equivalent to the requirements in the ISO14001 or Eco- Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). The environmental management system shall include a continuous improvement program.

Electronic waste, for example obsolete servers, computers and other ICT goods, must be recycled without harming the environment and with respect to human rights.

The Supplier shall acknowledge environmental legislation and applicable regulations and be able to provide evidence of compliance.

Anti-corruption and fair business practices:


No abuse of power, nepotism or bribery, including improper offers of payments to or from employees or organisations, shall be tolerated. Gifts or similar benefits may only be offered to, or accepted from, a third party

if modest in value and if consistent with reasonable hospitality given in the ordinary course of business.

Fair competition

Eye-share AS is firmly committed to fair competition and open markets.
We require free and fair competition and expect the Supplier to compete as forcefully and constructively as possible while at all times complying with international and national competition law and regulations.

Conflict of interest

Business decisions shall always be made in the best interest of the companies involved, i.e. the Supplier and Eye-share AS both.
Personal relations or considerations will never influence decision- making. Should there be any risk, however small, of conflict of interest, our employees are instructed to immediately inform their manager.

Fraud, extortion, money laundering and other related crimes

The Supplier shall abide by all applicable national and international regulations aiming at preventing, detecting and remedying economic crime and, in particular, fraud, extortion, money laundering and other related crimes. Eye-share employees will refrain from any act or omission in connection to such criminal activities and shall actively cooperate with any inquiry in relation to such crimes.

Trade and sanctions compliance

The Supplier shall ensure that their business practices are in accordance with applicable regulation governing the import/export of their deliverables. The Supplier shall provide truthful and accurate information and obtain export licenses and consents, where necessary. The Supplier warrants that it or its shareholders are not subject to any economic or administrative sanctions.

Insurance coverage

The Supplier is obliged to ensure that there are accurate and complete insurance schemes covering its operations, services and products.

Political involvement

The Eye-share name, or any resources controlled by Eye-share, shall not be used to promote the interests of political parties or candidates.

Compliance and sanctions:

Continuous improvement and management systems

Supplier is required to have appropriate management systems to enable adherence to this Code. The functioning and quality of the management system shall be in proportion to the size, complexity and risk environment of the Supplier’s business. This means that Supplier shall adopt a systematic approach to the assessment, mitigation and management of risks, measurable performance targets and monitoring and follow up of them.
In addition, adequate communication and training about the requirements should take place.

Breach reporting

Should the Supplier find any obstacles in meeting the requirements or find any breaches, those shall be reported immediately to the Supplier’s main contact in Eye-share.

Actions inconsistent with the Supplier Code must be promptly corrected and may be subject to sanctions.
In the event of material breach Eye-share is entitled to terminate the agreement with an immediate effect.
Adequate communication and training about the requirements should take place.

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