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Google Sheet for Bulk Updating Verifiers

This spreadsheet is set up to help you change verifiers and verification intervals in bulk. These operations can be done in Card Manager, but that's most convenient when all cards are being assigned the same verifier or interval. The spreadsheet lets you pick a new verifier or interval for each card and easily apply all of the changes once you're ready.


How to use the sheet

  1. Open our sheet and do File > Make a copy

    1. Our sheet is not editable. Making a copy gives you a personal, editable copy that's not shared with anyone so there's no way your data can be seen by anyone else.

  2. Follow the instructions in the green bar at the top of the sheet. This will guide you through the following steps:

  3. Do a Card Manager export.

    1. When exporting the Card data, make sure to export Card contents, details, and analytics (see image below for reference).

    2. We'll copy and paste this data into the "Input Data" tab -- this is how the sheet gets the card title and current verifier/interval for each card.

    3. If you want to update cards in a single collection, just export that one collection.

    4. The current sheet has enough rows to hold 3000 cards at a time, so if you need to work with more cards you may want to split it into multiple exports and work with one at a time.

  4. Fill in columns I and J with new verifiers and intervals.

    1. You can specify a user or group as the New Verifier.

      1. Enter a user's email address to specify an individual verifier.

      2. Enter a group's name to specify a group verifier.

    2. You don't need to enter a value for both New Interval and New Verifier.

      1. If you only want to update the card's interval, only select a new interval and leave the New Verifier column blank.

      2. You can skip some rows completely. Their verifier and interval will not be affected

  5. Enter your email address and API token.

    1. These are needed for the sheet to do the updates.

    2. You must be a Collection Owner for the collections whose cards are being updated.

  6. When you're ready to apply the changes to your Guru cards, click the Save Changes button.

    1. The first time you do this you'll get a prompt asking your permission to allow our script to access your spreadsheet. Click to allow access.

  7. When the changes have been applied, the Status column will indicate which updates were made and which ones were attempted but had an error.

Does updating a card mark it as verified?

Nope! When you change a verifier in the Guru UI, it may cause the card to become verified or unverified. That does not happen when you make changes using this spreadsheet.

How to revert changes

Columns G and H store the old verifier and verification interval. If you make some changes but then want to revert them, you can refer to columns G and H to see what the values used to be. Unfortunately, the Verifier column shows the user's name, not their email address, so reverting it means you have to enter the email address for each user.

Additional notes

When something fails, the error message may include an error code. This will be shown as a number in parenthesis. Here are what the numbers mean:

  • 400 means it's an error in our script, please reach out to Guru for help.

  • 401 means your Username and API Token are not correct. Double check these values. If that still doesn't work, try generating a new API token.

  • 403 means you don't have sufficient access. You need to be a Collection Owner for all the collections whose cards are being updated.

Remember that cards may be edited while you're using this spreadsheet. If a card's verifier is changed in Guru the spreadsheet won't know about it and column G (Verifier) will continue to show an old value.

Be careful when pasting in a new Card Manager export. If you want to refresh the data you're working with you can paste in a new card manager export. However, if the cards aren't all in the same order, any values you put in the New Verifier and New Interval columns may not line up with the same card as they used to.

You must have Author or Collection Owner permission to create Guru Cards. Contact your team's Guru admins to use this template.