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Structuring Card Headings

Structuring Card headings correctly within a Guru Card improves content navigation and accessibility for all users. Here are some best practices for structuring inclusive headings:

  1. Hierarchy: There should be only one H1 Large Header per Card. Headings should be presented in sequential order, with the H1 Large Header representing the main topic or section, followed by the H2 Medium Heading for subheadings, and the H3 Small Heading for sub-subheadings. Doing so allows users to quickly understand the organization of the content and navigate through it using assistive technologies.
  2. Descriptive and Clear: Make sure your headings accurately represent the content that directly follows. Avoid using generic or ambiguous headings that do not convey the correct context or topic of the section.
  3. Skipping Levels: Do not skip heading levels. Each heading level should be used sequentially without skipping any level. For example, don't use an H1 Large Heading followed by an H3 Small Heading, as this can create confusion for screen reader users and others who rely on the heading structure to navigate through content.
  4. Consistency: Headings should have consistent visual styles, such as font size, color, and spacing, to ensure a visually cohesive user experience. Headings should not be used for visual formatting, as this can confuse users who rely on screen readers or other assistive technologies.
  5. Overusing Headings: Use headings sparingly and avoid overusing them. Headings should be used to convey the main structure and organization of your content. Overuse of headings can create confusion and reduce the effectiveness of the structure.

Following these best practices, you can author content with inclusive headings that provide a clear structure, enhance navigation, and improve user experience.

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