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Welcome to the GoRev Navigating Follow Up Reports Tutorial. In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of navigating Follow Up Reports in GoRev.

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1 : Navigating to the Batching Module

In order to navigate to the Batching module, click on the “Batching” icon present in the GoRev Homepage toolbar.image.png

2 : Locating & Understanding the Batch Items Area

At this point, the Batching module will appear on your screen. In this window, the Claims that make up your current Batch will be present in the “Batch Items” area of this window.image.png

Note: Claims that are ready to be Batched will be green.

3 : Locating the Batching Drop-Down Menus

In addition to the Batch Items area, the Batching module, also, contains three drop-down menus titled InsuranceStatements, and Reporting.image.png

4 : Navigating to the Insurance Drop-Down Menu

To begin, click on the “Insurance” drop-down menu in the Batching Toolbar.image.png

5 : Navigating the Insurance Menu

InstitutionalProfessionalAcknowledgements, and Previous Batches are the four options contained in the Insurance menu.image.png


First, the Institutional option will allow you to filter the Claims in your Batch for only Institutional Claims via the “Pending Institutional Claims” button in the Institutional menu.image.png

Additionally, the Institutional menu, also, allows you to rebill a single, Institutional claim via the “Generate Single Account” option in this menu.image.png


Second, the Professional option will allow you to filter the Claims in your Batch for only Professional Claims via the “Pending Professional Claims” button in the Professional menu.image.png

Similar to the Institutional menu, the Professional menu will, also, allow you to rebill a single, Professional claim via the “Generate Single Account” option in this menu.image.png


Third, the Acknowledgements option will allow you to upload 277CA documents (Claim Acknowledgement Files) for Claims that have been Manually Batched via the “Upload Acknowledgement” button in the Acknowledgements menu.image.png

In addition, the Acknowledgements menu will, also, allow you to view previous acknowledgements via the “Previous ACKs” button in this menu.image.png

The last function in the Acknowledgements menu is “Upload Status”, which will inform you whether or not the appropriate File for your Batch successfully reached the Clearinghouse.image.png

Previous Insurance Batches

Lastly, the “Previous Batches” option in the Insurance menu will allow you to view the submitted File for previous Batches.image.png

6 : Navigating to the Statements Menu

In addition to an Insurance menu, the Batching module, also, contains a Statements drop-down menu. To begin, click on the “Statements” icon in the Batching Toolbar.image.png

7 : Navigating the Statements Menu

The Statements drop-down menu is comprised of two options titled Pending Statements and Previous Batches.image.png

Pending Statements

First, the Pending Statements option will allow you to view the Patient Statements that are ready for Batching.image.png

Previous Statement Batches

Second, the Previous Batches option will allow you to view Patient Statements that were previously Batched.image.png

8 : Navigating to the Reporting Menu

In addition to an Statements menu, the Batching module, also, contains a Reporting drop-down menu. To begin, click on the “Reporting” icon in the Batching Toolbar.image.png

9 : Navigating the Reporting Menu

The Reporting menu has three options titled Inpatient ReportingOutpatient Reporting, and Reporting Batches.image.png

Inpatient Reporting

First, the Inpatient Reporting option will allow you to create and Batch an Inpatient 837 File, containing Patient Accounts from a particular Date of Service Range, for THCIC Reporting.image.png

Outpatient Reporting

Second, the Outpatient Reporting option will allow you to create and Batch an Outpatient 837 File, containing Patient Accounts from a particular Date of Service, for THCIC Reporting.image.png

Reporting Batches

Lastly, the Reporting Batches option will allow you to view all previously Generated Reporting Batches.image.png

10 : Locating Additional Functions in Batching

In addition to three drop-down menus, the Batching module, also, contains eight individual, functional icons located in the Batching Toolbar.image.png

11 : Navigating the Additional Batching Window Functions

Generating Batches

First, the Generate icon in the Batching Toolbar will allow you to create a Batch and Generate or send it to the Clearinghouse.image.png

Note: The Validate checkbox analyzes the Claims in your Batch and reports whether or not each individual Claim is likely to be accepted or rejected by the Clearinghouse, as well as gives reasoning for the likely rejection.image.png

Utilizing the Validate function before sending the Batch to the Clearinghouse allows you to avoid the time costs associated with Clearinghouse rejections.

Print Services

Second, the Print icon in the Batching Toolbar will allow you to print various documents for select Patient Accounts or all of the Patient Accounts that are currently present in the Batch Items area of the Batching window.image.png

Patient Overview

Third, the Patient Overview icon in the Batching Toolbar will allow you to access the Patient Overview window for the Patient Account that you have selected in the Batch Items area of this screen.image.png

Patient Financials

Fourth, the Patient Financials icon in the Batching Toolbar will allow you to navigate to the Patient Financials window for your highlighted Patient Account.image.png


Fifth, the Workflow icon will allow you to access the Workflow window for the Patient Account that you select.image.png

Charging Module

Sixth, the Charging icon will allow you to access GoRev's Charging Module from the Batching window.image.png

Coding Module

Seventh, the Coding icon will allow you to navigate to the Coding window for the highlighted Patient Account.image.png

Notating Accounts

Lastly, the Notate icon will allow you to leave a note on the selected Patient Account that will appear on all Patient notation screens.image.png


If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this tutorial, please contact the GoRev Support Team by phone at (317) 794-3900 or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue. If you are unsure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the IT Support Ticket Creation tutorial for assistance.

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