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Template: How do things work here?

The fastest way to get a response is (hopefully!) to search in Guru, but here are some common topics you might wonder about. Feel free to favorite this Card!


How our product works?

  • Check the Product Board in Guru. If you can't find the answer there, ask any product related questions in Slack in the #product-questions channel to help us make our documentation more useful

Remote office setup:

  • Join the #office-remote Slack channel and see what your colleagues recommend!

Role-specific onboarding?

  • Your team lead should be on top of this already! If any questions come up though don't hesitate to ask anyone on your team and they should be able to help or loop in someone who can. You can also check out the Team Onboarding Card for your role! Don't forget to join your team's Slack channel!

General onboarding?

  • Shoot a Slack message over to Statler or Waldorf (@statler and @waldorf).

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