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Template: Basic device security (BYOD)

If you use your personal devices or computers to connect to Guru (eg. Guru app, Slack, Gmail, VPN) for work then you're expected to follow

💁‍♂️Always enable user authentication

Always use a login password for computers and a PIN or other biometric locks on mobile devices to gain entry, this should be used with sensible screen-lock & timeout.

🆕Run all available updates regularly

Run any available application and operating system updates regularly and don't ignore prompts to do so. Make sure automatic updates are enabled where possible.

😈Don't connect to insecure wifi

Using unsecured or public wifi is a major security risk, it increases your exposure to even amateur hackers to intercept your traffic. It's like letting people look over your shoulder while using an ATM - it won't end well!

🛅Enable full-disk encryption

Filevault for your Mac, Bitlocker on Windows; using disk encryption along with a password to unlock your device (above) means the data on your device is protected and remains secure should your device be stolen.

Bonus points!

🤔Use a password manager

Using a password manager (1password, Dashlane, LastPass are all top rated options) makes it much easier to follow all the best password hygiene tips like using complex, unique passwords. Change passwords regularly and definitely don't reuse passwords, especially on anything sensitive like banking or work applications.

🔐Enable Remote lock/wipe on your device

Similar to iOS' Find My iPhone, you should enable features on your device to allow you to lock and/or wipe your device if it's lost or stolen.

☁️Enable Cloud backup for your data

Should your device be lost or stolen, you want to be able to quickly access any data that you had on that device. Anything like iCloud or Google storage for Android that lets you keep all your files, photos etc. on cloud-first storage is a good option to make sure you never lose your data even if you lost your device.

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