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Open Enrollment - MyDay Navigation

Use this guide for step-by-step instructions to make changes to your benefits during Open Enrollment. The table of contents (three line icon) at the left may be used to navigate to different steps in this process.

Getting Started -- Logging Into MyDay

    MyDay is accessible via single sign on with your New School NetID by visiting If you need assistance logging into MyDay, please refer to Logging into MyDay.


Navigating to the Benefits App

The Benefits app gives you to the option to change and view your benefit elections and contributions based on your eligibility for various benefits plans provided by The New School.

  1. Once you have logged into MyDay, Select the Global Navigation Menu in the top left hand corner.
  2. Select the Benefits App.

View Your Current Benefit Elections

Navigate to Open Enrollment Event

During open enrollment, you will receive an Open Enrollment task in your inbox. To complete your open enrollment:

  1. From your MyDay Home Page, select the inbox icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. From the tasks displayed at left, select the Open Enrollment Change task for the upcoming plan year.

    NOTE: In the event that you have other open benefit events in your inbox, you will not be able to access the Open Enrollment Change task event until you have taken action on those benefit related inbox items.
  3. When you select the Open Enrollment Change Task event, it will display larger in the preview panel to the right. From here you will be able to make your elections. Click Let's Get Started.

    Each screen will have help text to guide you.
  4. Each section will be broken up into sections, click Manage for each section to bring up a separate screen to elect or waive coverage.
    Open Enrollment FT Faculty, Staff, 1205P, SHENS & Executive - Workday.png

Add Dependents to Health and/or Dental

If you elect or modify a health or dental plan, you can also add dependents. From the Health Care Elections Table:

  1. Choose the benefit you wish to enroll in and select Manage.
  2. Make a selection for which care you wish to receive. Select Confirm and Continue at the bottom.
    Medical - Workday (1).png
  3. To enroll dependents select Add New Dependent. If you already have dependents added you can select from the dependents already listed below below.
    Medical - Aetna EPO - Open Access Select EPO and Vision - Workday.png
  4. After you select add a new dependent you can elect to use as a beneficiary, click Save to go to the next screen
Note: If you select existing, you will be prompted to choose a dependent you have already entered in the system. Additional information may be required.

Add New Dependent from Enrollment

After selecting Add My Dependent From Enrollment, you will be brought to the following screen: Follow the prompts filling out each mandatory field marked with a RED ASTERISK *

  1. Name and Personal Information
    Add My Dependent From Enrollment - Workday.png
  2. Address, Phone, and Email
    Add My Dependent From Enrollment - Workday (1).png
  3. Nationality
  4. Click Save. You will be returned to the Open Enrollment Change Task event. This dependent will now be available for any other coverage changes you elect.

Reading Error Messages

If there is a critical error, you will receive a hard warning message image.png

An error must be corrected to move forward in the open enrollment process. To address errors:

  1. An error notification will appear on the right hand side of your screen as well as around the field that needs to be corrected.
  2. Click on the error message to reveal field level text that will help guide you. Also, refer to Help Text for further instruction.
  3. Make corrections as necessary. Click Save.
  4. Continue through the remaining screens clicking Save along the way, reading the help text and making any necessary elections or changes.
Save for Later: At any point in the open enrollment process you can select the save for later button. Any changes you have made will be saved. The open enrollment event will remain in your inbox and can be resumed at any point during open enrollment. Hitting the cancel button will have the same effect.

Benefit Elections Review for Open Enrollment

Once you have reached this screen you will have elected or waived all of your open enrollment election options. Please review those elections and the help text carefully.

  1. To review your elections select Review and Submit button at the bottom of the screen. image.png
  2. Waived coverage will be listed at the bottom

Attach Supporting Documents

If you newly added a dependent (or multiple dependents) to a New School health and/or dental plan you must attach verification of your relationship with each dependent that was added. Please note that MyDay accepts PDF, JPEG, and PNG file format. To add documentation:

  1. In the attachment section choose select files or drag and drop the files into the field.
  2. Select the file you want to attach from your computer's file library.
  3. Enter comments, as needed then click OK.

Complete Your Enrollment

  1. Check the “I Agree” box to confirm your electronic signature.
  2. Click Submit. A confirmation page displays.
  3. Click the Print button to generate a PDF version for your records.

Change Open Enrollment

You are able to access the Open Enrollment Event (even after it has been submitted) and make changes as many times as necessary during the open enrollment period. Follow the instructions below to access and resubmit the Open Enrollment Benefit Event.

  1. Select the Global Navigation Menu in the top left hand corner.
  2. Select the Benefits App.
  3. Click “Change Open Enrollment”
    Open Enrollment Job Aides in Guru - - Mail.png
  4. Click “Let’s Get Started

Additional Open Enrollment Resources


For questions regarding Open Enrollment please contact Benefits at or the Benefits helpline at 212-229-5671 ext. 4942.

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