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Guru Communications Principles


This Card conveys Guru’s evolving communication principles and guidelines as they intersect with a knowledge-driven culture. To build a culture of inclusive communication in a hybrid and remote work environment, it’s essential to be both explicit and flexible with expectations and boundaries. Guru is trying this for the first time and we’re going to learn a lot from this.

  1. Increase focus and deep work time by creating consistency and reducing unnecessary decision-making

  2. Align our communication culture with our company values of knowledge sharing, inclusivity, and transparency

  3. Innovate Guru for communications and provide valuable pathways for customers


  1. We empower a strong written culture (sharing pre-reading and building focus-time for said reading). We should leverage our own product as much as possible

  2. We communicate asynchronous by default - We work live in specific situations

  3. We work intentionally, out loud - Some (but not all) communication should be open and searchable

Guidelines that support these principles

Use Guru as the trusted documentation artifact to live across tools and timezones
Slack rules of the Road: How Guru uses Slack
active projects in Asana

Internal Comms Flow Infographic.pdf