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Adoption Techniques from Customers

Close your Guru Adoption GAP with these top techniques from successful Guru rollouts:

G: GATHER - One place for resources.

  • Create a Guru Card for your Guru training and on-Foldering materials - When your team asks questions about how to use Guru, direct them to the Guru Card, further pushing adoption

  • Create a Subject Matter Expert network: people with expertise and a flair for writing/documentation. Empower these users (managers and end-users) to create and own a piece of your process.

A: ASSEMBLE - Better together.

  • Host a Verification Power Hour/Office Hours - Gather SMEs/Verifiers in a room, provide some refreshments and music, and let everyone attack their task queue together!

    • This can also work when there is a new development that needs documenting (new product/feature launch, new process, tool, etc). Having everyone in one place to decide what needs to be added and then knock it all out further cements the idea that Guru is where trusted information lives!

  • Weave Guru items into a recurring team meeting/standup

    • Showcase most popular cards + discuss why + if they’re successful (assets, objections, etc)

    • highlight reps who are using them - Rewards system?

    • Ask about any curious Searches Producing No Results

P: PERSONALIZE - Excite your team.

  • Film a quick video with your team depicting how to search and find information pre-Guru and post-Guru. Include humor and emoji.

  • Ask your SME/authors to create an "About Me" Guru Card highlighting their role on the team, their areas of expertise, and a random fact. This immediately sparks engagement and makes Guru feel useful and fun. Guru has a great template for this, if you'd like an example!

  • Gamify it!

    • Content scavenger hunt: Ask users to find a specific tidbit of information in Guru. The user who comments on the Card with the answer(s) first gets a prize!

    • Easter Eggs: tuck a team-specific emoji or other fun icon into Cards you need users to read and instruct them to send you the Card link when they find it for a prize.

    • Incentives: Most usage points per week gets a prize (gift cards, Guru/other swag)

    • Tie-in with quota/KPIs: communicate that using team content/resources is a priority that will help everyone involved

    • Memes: everyone loves a good meme. Use them in your Slack channels to lighten up the reminders to check Guru first ;)

Here is another Help Center Article with more tips and tricks to drive Adoption for your team.

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