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Template: What To Do If You're Feeling Burned Out

Customer support is a notoriously high-stress role, but there are a few ways you can actively work to prevent feeling burned out. Below are a few tried and true ways to stay sane and grow your career in customer support.


Mindfulness and Health (because you deserve it)

  • Use your commute for “you” time

  • Adopt an office plant

  • De-stress with some deep breathing exercises

  • Stretch for 1 minute every hour

  • Talk a walk around the block

  • Sit on an exercise ball (it’ll keep you awake)

  • Marie Kondo your workspace and adjust your desk to fit your body


  • Make a list of 3 non-queue items to accomplish each day

  • Avoid taking work home with you at night

  • Are you writing the same thing over and over? Save the message as a template so you can copy and paste

  • Read your email in batches

  • Start a Slack channel to highlight team wins

  • Pro tip: After speaking with an upset customer, blow off some steam by watching your favorite puppy video (or kitty video, we love ‘em equally)

Career Growth

  • Browse LinkedIn and reach out to your work role models

  • Remember the Drama Triangle

  • Start an ongoing list to track what you like and dislike about your career

  • Make time to talk to your colleagues when things are going great, not just when you run into a problem

  • Have an idea for a new solution? Champion it!


  • Bring your personality to work!

  • Have a team lunch (even if it's on Zoom!)

  • Two words: Uno tournament

  • Three words: Finer Things Club

  • Start a “Customer Care Workshop” and invite the company to tackle some tickets

  • Book club (we have some suggestions below)

  • Read The Untethered Soul and 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

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