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Service Titan FAQ


Q1: Where do jobs show up that are sent over from Dispatch?

Please see the quick start.

Q2: What updates made in Service Titan are sent back to Dispatch?

The following updates are processed within approximately 5 minute of the update being made in Service Titan:

  • Accepted (booking flow only; for job flow the job the notion doesn't exist in ST so is auto accepted by default)
  • Dismissed (booking flow only)
  • Booked (booking flow only)
  • Scheduled (only updates made after the initial job is created in Service Titan)
  • Dispatched
  • Working
  • Hold
  • Canceled
  • Completed
  • Notes added (but not files)

Q3: Can I change the Business Unit against which new jobs are created?

Absolutely! We can also make it dynamic based on the incoming job source. Please reach out an let us know and we'll take care of this for you!

Q4: Can I change the Campaign against which new jobs are created?

Absolutely! Please reach out an let us know and we'll take care of this for you!

Q5: Are jobs automatically canceled if canceled by the job source?


Q6: Can photos/files entered in Service Titan be sent back to the Dispatch Gateway

Currently the Service Titan API does not enable us to retrieve files made to the jobs. Please see FAQ on syncing over "additional" data to see how this can be accomplished.

Q8: Technician assignments do not sync over. Why is that?

First of all, it should be mentioned that brands typically don't care who performed the work (which technician). They just need to know which subcontractor organization is doing the work and visibility into that work. And the integration with Service Titan gives them this visibility (see list of updates synced back from Service Titan above).

Secondly, syncing techs for enroute events would send out the the default "on my way" notification to the customer who is then able to track their arrival. However, when the technician is not using the Dispatch mobile app (which is typically the case as they're using the Service Titan mobile app), the customer will not be able to do this tracking which can negatively impact that experience.

Finally, on a more technical note, technician assignment requires syncing over the technician records from Service Titan to Dispatch and ongoing maintenance of those records (create/update/delete). This would add considerable complexity to the integration as it would, by its very nature, involve a lot more moving parts.

Q9: How can I sync over additional data (e.g. forms) shown in the Dispatch work app?

The brand may be require you to capture additional information that is present on the Dispatch job in the Dispatch work app such as custom form data. Firstly it's worth noting that this is typically highly custom per the brand based on fields they wish you to capture, validations etc. and highly custom form data capture requirements do not practically lend themselves well to being captured from Service Titan.

So how does the Dispatch Gateway accommodate this?

We do this by adding a "Dispatch Job Link" in both the job summary and as a pinned note on the Service Titan job ( see screenshot below). Clicking this link will take the user directly to the corresponding Dispatch job where they can enter any additional information they wish to enter. This navigates to Dispatch's WORK app and therefore does not require that the Dispatch mobile app be installed



Q10: Can I change it such that the customer on my jobs is the job source (e.g. AHS) rather than the home owner (job flow only)?

Certainly! Please reach out and let us know. And please be aware that once we switch over, these are the customer names that we will be using to look up on (if you have them listed with different names, either update it in Service Titan or let us know the exact spelling for each relevant job source).

  • American Home Shield
  • Landmark Home Warranties
  • One Guard Home Warranties
  • First American
  • HomeServe
  • American Water Resources
  • Home Warranty of America
  • First Energy Products
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
  • Select Home Warranty
  • Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

Alternatively - as a better fail safe way - please provide us with the exact Service Titan Customer IDs that you want us to use for each brand - see screenshot below for reference.


Q11: Does the integration try and match up on existing customers/locations in Service Titan before trying to create new ones (job flow only)?

Yes we do. According to the following logic (and in this order):

  • By customer/location mobile number - if found, we also check to see that the street address and customer name matches
  • By customer/location street address - if found, we also check to see that the customer name matches
  • If a customer/location is not found using the above, we will create a new one

Q12: When jobs come over to Service Titan they appear as having been automatically scheduled. Why is this happening and what notifications are being sent out?

Note: It is now possible to import jobs as "bookings" rather than "jobs" which don't require a scheduled appointment (see Option B in the Connect Your Dispatch Account with Service Titan). If you wish to set it up that way, let us know. Otherwise keep reading to understand why we have to create an appointment with a job.

The Service Titan API requires an appointment start/end when creating a job (it's a restriction on their API). So we have to provide a default and we set the default to the time that job comes over. However, the Dispatch appointment does not get created (and notifications are not sent out from Dispatch) until the appointment time is updated in Service Titan.

Default Duration

The default duration is controlled by the Job Type setting in Service Titan, so if you wish to adjust that, please make that adjustment in the Service Titan Job Type settings.


If you have appointment notifications generating from Service Titan for new appointments you can turn them off for the BU(s) under which Dispatch jobs are being created. To do so follow the instructions below:

Navigate to: Settings > Communications > Customer Notifications and Turn Off Booking notifications (or click here)


Q13: Can the description be put in a the job summary rather than as a pinned note (or can I leave it as a note but unpin it)?

Absolutely! Please reach out an let us know and we'll take care of this for you!

Q14: Can we map to custom fields we have created in Service Titan?

We can indeed. To do so, you'll need to provide us with the exact field names you have set up. Click here to see your custom fields in Service Titan.


Q15: The text in the booking form appears garbled. Why is that?

Service Titan currently does not support line breaks in its booking form (unfortunately). Which causes all the lines to run together making it look... less than stellar. The good news is that once accepted and converted to a job, the formatting returns. We recommend you reach out to Service Titan and ask them to fix this issue on the booking form as they would need to do so in order to make this render better. If enough of you reach out, it will probably make it onto their product radar (and it does appear to be a pretty simple fix)!

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