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First Year On-Campus Residency Requirement

I. Policy Statement

The New School (“University”) requires first year students who attend school in New York City to live on campus, and enroll in a required meal plan, unless they have an approved exemption.

II. Purpose

Studies indicate that students who live on-campus experience increased academic achievement, improved social-emotional adjustment, and develop a stronger feeling of connection to the university community during this transformative time in personal development. This policy will provide guidance on the residency requirement, exemptions and enforcement of the policy.

III. Definitions

Appeal Process: The process through which a student is able to appeal the Residency Requirement if their Residency Exemption Request was denied.

Exemption: Specific criteria that makes a student exempt from the Residency Requirement.

Exemption Request: Students must complete the Residency Requirement Exemption Request if they are seeking an exemption from the Residency Requirement.

First Year Student: First-time freshman and new transfer students with freshman status, including those with college credit received prior to earning a high school diploma.

Residency Requirement: The policy that requires all First Year students to reside on campus during their first matriculation year at The New School.

IV. Policy

Effective Fall 2024, all First Year Students are required to reside on campus for their first matriculation year at The New School (the “Residency Requirement”). Students who enter the University in the fall must live on campus for the fall and spring terms. Those entering in the spring must live on campus for only that term. This Requirement applies to those who meet the below criteria:

  • First Year Students as defined above
    • Having earned college credit in high school does not exempt a student from this Requirement
  • Enrolled full-time (12 credits or more) in an undergraduate degree program at the University’s New York City campus
  • Does not have an approved Exemption, described below

All First Year Students will receive a housing assignment unless they are approved for a Residency Requirement Exemption. All First Year Students who live on campus must also purchase a meal plan.

Housing is not guaranteed beyond a student’s first matriculation year at the University. Graduate students, undergraduate students with a sophomore, junior, or senior status (continuing or new transfers), and visiting students will have the option of housing if space is available.


First Year Students who meet any of the below criteria qualify for an Exemption from the Residency Requirement:

  • First Year Students admitted into an online program
  • Students under the age of 17 and over the age of 24 at the point of enrollment
  • Military veterans
  • Students who are married or in a domestic partnership
  • Students with dependents
  • Students who reside with their parents/guardian at their permanent residence within 40 miles of the University
  • Students who have applied for and received an approved Housing Accommodation that the University is unable to fulfill

V. Procedure

See First Year Residency Procedure.

VI. Policy Management

This section provides clarification of the roles and responsibilities of various offices in carrying out and ensuring the policy is followed.

Admissions: Preparing all marketing and communications materials that are shared with First Year Students to inform and educate them about the residency requirements. Admissions also communicates to non-first year admitted students that on-campus housing is only guaranteed to First Year Students.

Student Accounts: Generating accurate student billing.

Housing Operations: Creating reports on all First Year Students who fall under the Residency Requirement and sharing that information regularly with Student Accounts and Residential Education.

Residential Education: Will serve as a point of contact for students, parents/families, and colleagues navigating the policy.

Residency Requirement Exemption & Appeals Committee: This group of campus partners reviews all Residency Requirement Exemption Requests and Residency Requirement Appeals. The committee chair is responsible for communicating all decisions to the student.

VII. Additional Information

Responsible Office: Student Success

Responsible Officer: Vice Provost for Student Success and Engagement

Approved: January 12, 2024

Date Schedule for Review: 2025-2026

Update Log: N/A

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