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Patient Payments

Welcome to the GoRev Patient Payments Tutorial. We currently support several methods for tracking and processing credit card and ACH (e-check) payments. Two of these methods are documented within this guide (contact us directly if you are interested in other options).

This method is the default configuration of a new GoRev server and allows you to use any external merchant services provider. This method allows you to enter your payments as you process them externally providing a way to post the financial transaction to a payment account and track payments via reporting.

Open Edge Integration

In order to use this method you will need to obtain a merchant services account with Open Edge directly. You can do this by contacting Global Payments Integrated at 800-774-6462 Option 1 or emailing them at They have a team of GoRev specialists who will assist you through the entire onboarding and setup processes. Their hours of operation are M-F 8:00AM - 4:30 PM Central time.

In this tutorial we will focus on the processes of granting user permissions, configuring your Open Edge integration, credit, debit, and check sales, refunds, voids, and creation of payment tokens using the Open Edge integration for GoRev.


There are 4 individual permissions in GoRev related to credit card processing. See this guide for help with configuration user permissions: Existing User Management

  1. MerchantServices = Base permission granting a user access to process credit card transactions and access to the merchant services configuration and transaction details page.

  2. MerchantServicesCheckSale = Permission granting access to process ACH (e-check) payments

  3. MerchantServicesRefund = Grants access to perform refunds back to the original payment source

  4. MerchantServicesIndependentRefund = Grants access to perform refunds back to any payment source

  5. MerchantServicesSettleBatch = Grants access to the settle batch functionality on the Merchant Services configuration and transaction details page (only required for merchant services who do not automatically settle batches)

Four default GoRev groups contain merchant services permissions

  1. Front End Staff = contains MerchantServices and MerchantServicesCheckSale

  2. Front End Lead = contains MerchantServices, MerchantServicesCheckSale, and MerchantServicesRefund

  3. Biller = contains MerchantServices and MerchantServicesCheckSale

  4. BillerManager = contains MerchantServices, MerchantServicesCheckSale, and MerchantServicesRefund

Configuring Open Edge for GoRev

From the main menu, go to Clinic Modules > Merchant Services.


Click on Open Edge Configuration


Enter in your Open Edge integration credentials. These will be provided to you by Open Edge during their onboarding and setup procedures.



These settings are GoRev facility specific. If you have multiple facilities you will need to repeat the configuration steps for each one. Be sure to assign the appropriate credentials for each different legal entity.


Processing Transactions

Navigate to Patient Overview and click Patient Payment


Enter a payment amount and select payment method (methods are documented in next screenshots)


Swipe or Insert Card

Select a card type and then have the patient swipe or insert the card into your terminal for processing. The system will sit in a "Waiting on Device" state until you do so or will timeout after 30 seconds.


Manually Enter Card Info

Enter the credit card number, expiration date, security code, zip code and then click submit to process the transaction.


Enter Check Details (ACH / E-Check processing)

Select Account Type (Checking/Savings), specify routing, account, and check numbers, specify Transaction Type (Physical Check Present / Prearranged Payments / Telephone Initiated) and click Process.


Select Account from Vault

Any payment source you have used is stored (tokenized) for subsequent re-use (this assumes you have proper permissions in place with the patient to do so). Select the stored payment method you want to process a payment against and click Process

Regardless of option you select the final screen will present receipt printing options. Toggle on which receipts you'd like to physically print. Keep in mind, a digital copy of the facility receipt will automatically generate and get stored in Patient Overview's File Management section for the patient.


An example of a receipt:


Refunds and Voids

The system will automatically attempt a void for transactions performed same day otherwise a refund will be performed. There are two types of refunds; dependent and independent. Dependent refunds are where you refund a specified transaction. Independent refunds allow you to refund an amount to a patient without associating it to any specific prior transaction.

Dependent Refunds

Click on Merchant Services from the clinic modules tab.


Select your batch date and then select the transaction row you want to refund. Click Refund.


You will be prompted to confirm this action


A confirmation message will appear


Independent Refunds

Navigate to Patient Overview for the specific patient you are wanting to refund and click Patient Payments.


Enter a negative amount equal to the amount you want to refund (note the system limits you to refunding no more than the total of all payments received from the specified patient). Specify the refund method (see above in guide where each method is documented) and click Process Payment. The same receipt printing options will appear and a facility copy will automatically generate and get stored in Patient Overview's File Management.


Note: to view previous transaction information; such as payment dates, amounts, transaction IDs and the authentication code, which could be needed to issue a refund, you will need to navigate to the Merchant Services Icon.


From here you will need to use the search feature so search the account number of search the Batch Date (date the transaction was ran).


Once the Transaction is located you can right click and view the Transaction details.


Once selected the Details from Gateway screen will populate with the additional information from the selected transaction.

Tokenization (Storing payment methods for later use)

Create a Token

To store a payment method for later use and not charge it while doing so you can perform a $0 authorization. Tokenization only works for credit card payment methods. Select either Swipe or Insert Card or Manually Enter Card Info. Click Post payment. This payment method will now be accessible via the Account Vault.


Delete a Token

Navigate to Patient Overview and select Financials


Click Credit Card Vault


Click the row for the token you want to delete (5) and click Delete Card (6)


Troubleshooting common errors

If you receive the below "Could not find a part of the path" error when attempting to process at transaction it indicates one or more Open Edge integration settings or software installs is not present. If you have not been setup with Open Edge see beginning of guide for contact information otherwise for existing configured setups Contact Open Edge support directly at

800-774-6462 Option 2



Manual Patient Payments

In this tutorial, we will focus on the process of Posting, Voiding, and Refunding Patient Payments in GoRev.

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1 : Patient Payment Icon

Patient Payments can be Posted, Voided, or Refunded in the Patient Overview window in GoRev. To begin, click on the “Patient Payment” button located in the Office section of the Patient Overview toolbar.image.png

2 : Entering Patient Payment Amount

At this point, the Post Patient Payments window will appear on your screen. In order to Post a Patient Payment, first, begin by entering the amount of money accepted from the patient into the “Payment Amount” field in this window.image.png

3 : Defining Patient Payment Date

Next, please enter the date that the patient payment was received and processed into the “Payment Date” field on your screen.image.png

4 : Selecting Patient Payment Type

Now, in order to define the Payment Type for your Patient Payment, begin by clicking on the corresponding drop-down menu in this window.image.png

Once the drop-down menu becomes visible, please select the appropriate Payment Type from the list.image.png

5 : Entering Patient Transaction ID

Next, please enter the Transaction ID for the Patient Payment into the corresponding field on your screen.image.png

6 : Entering Patient Payment Authorization Code

Now, in order to continue Posting the Patient Payment, please enter the appropriate Authorization Code into the field provided.image.png

7 : Posting Patient Payment

After entering this information, please finish Posting the Patient Payment by clicking on the “Post Payment” button in this window.image.png

8 : Viewing Posted Patient Payments

In the event that you would like to view the Posted Patient Payment, begin by clicking on the Financials button present in the Billing section of the Patient Overview toolbar.image.png

Once the Patient Financials window becomes visible, you will be able to view Posted Patient Payments in the Payments and Adjustments section of this window.image.png

9 : Beginning Refund or Voiding Process

In addition to Posting Patient Payments, you will, also, be able to Void or Refund a Patient Payment in the Post Patient Payments window. To begin, please navigate to this window by clicking on the “Patient Payment” button in the Patient Overview toolbar.image.png

10 : Entering a Negative Payment Amount

At this point, the Post Patient Payments window will appear on your device. In order to Void or Refund a Patient Payment, please begin by entering a Negative Value into the Payment Amount field in this window.image.png

11 : Specifying Patient Payment Date and Type

After entering this information, please specify the Payment Date and Payment Type using the fields provided.image.png

12 : Entering Void or Refund as Transaction ID

Next, please enter “Void” or “Refund” into the Transaction ID field on your screen.image.png

13 : Entering Authorization Code for Patient Payment

Now, please enter the Authorization Code for the Patient Payment into the corresponding field in this window.image.png

14 : Voiding or Refunding a Patient Payment

After entering this information, please finish Voiding or Refunding the Patient Payment by clicking on the “Post Payment” button on your screen.image.png

Additional Resources

GoRev Support Team

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this tutorial, please contact the GoRev Support Team by phone at (317) 794-3900 or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue. If you are unsure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the IT Support Ticket Creation tutorial for assistance.

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