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Setting Up Email Notifications in the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal

  1. Log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal account at
    *NOTE: If you have not yet created your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, please follow these instructions:
    Creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

  2. Select Email Notification from the left side menu.

  3. Contact Information - Verify that your email address is correct. Incorrect email addresses can be up-dated under Account Preferences.

  4. Report Information - Check the boxes next to each type of report information you would like to receive. If unsure, check them all and use the "Send now" option in Step 7 to review. Edit your selections as desired.

  5. Additional Email Addresses - Enter any additional email addresses that you wish to receive notifications. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.

  6. Frequency - Select how often you would like to receive the email notifications.

  7. Frequency - Check the first box if you want to apply these settings to all of your students. Check the second box if you want to receive a copy of your selected reports right now (useful to figure out which information you would like to receive).

  8. Click Submit.

Table of Contents Location: PowerSchool - Parent/Student Portal FAQs

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