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PowerSchool Mobile APP: General Information and Navigating in the APP

*IMPORTANT: Before signing into the PowerSchool Mobile app, users must have already created an account in the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal (using a web browser) and linked their children to the account using the Access ID and Access Password provided by the school.
Instructions for creating an account can be found here: Creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account

Once you have created an account in the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal, download the PowerSchool Mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store using the following links, or by searching the store for the "PowerSchool Mobile" app.
iOS App :
Android App:

Signing into the PowerSchool Mobile app

  1. Launch the PowerSchool Mobile app and enter the Evergreen Catholic district code: DKWW

  2. Press Continue.

  3. Select the option that applies to you (i.e., I'm a Parent).

  4. Enter the username and password for the account you previously created in the parent/student portal.

  5. Click Go on the keyboard to complete the login process.

*Note: The PowerSchool Mobile app will allow parents and students to view the information that would be on a traditional report card such as:

  • Attendance

  • Courses list

  • Teacher

  • Current marks

  • Teacher course comments

*In addition, the PowerSchool Mobile app will also allow parents and students to:

  • View the fees balance

  • View assignment information and descriptions

  • View teacher comments on assignments

  • View the student schedule

  • Set mobile and email notifications

  • Directly email the teacher

The Dashboard

When the Dashboard opens, there are a few areas of information to be aware of:

  1. If you have more than one child linked to your account, you can switch between them by pressing the profile menu at the top right of the screen.

  2. You can change the "Term" view by pressing the menu to the right of Class Overview. It is recommended to leave the term set to the full year term (i.e., 22-23).

  3. Each class tile will display the current percentage mark. Elementary classes do not use traditional percentage marks, so class tiles will display either an image icon, or two hyphens indicating that no percentage grade exists.

  4. Scrolling down the page slightly will display the Assignments section - upcoming assignments, recent assignments, and assignment status (late, missing, incomplete, and late).

  5. Scrolling further down the page will display the Attendance section and the School Bulletin section (announcements from the school).

Class Details

To view more information within a specific class, press on the class tile to open. There are a number of areas of information that can be expanded.

  1. The various reporting terms are listed at the top of the screen (i.e., R1, R2, R3, R4). The current reporting period should already be highlighted, but you may switch between them to view progress from one reporting period to the next.

  2. The teacher's name and a link to email will be listed just below the reporting periods.

  3. The current percentage mark will be displayed just beneath the word Grade. Elementary classes do not use traditional percentage marks, so two hyphens will be displayed indicating that no percentage grade exists.

  4. Next will be a summary of all Absences in that class. Elementary attendance is taken in the Homeroom class and will only be displayed in the details for that class.

  5. Below the absences section is the teacher's course comment for the reporting period in view. This is usually a general comment from the teacher regarding the overall progress of the child during that reporting period. Press the comment to view it in its entirety.

  6. The various class assignments are listed below the teacher comments. Press the assignment to expand the view to include the assignment-specific teacher comment (if entered) and the assignment description (if entered). Assignment marks will not be displayed for elementary classes or junior high CTF courses (Career and Technology Foundations).
    *HINT: For elementary classes, you will often see the word "Excluded" on an assignment. This simply means that the assignment is excluded from contributing to a percentage grade, which elementary classes do not use.

Viewing Class Outcomes (Standards) and Grades

  1. From the class details screen, press the Standards tab (to the right of the Assignments tab).

  2. From the list of learner outcomes (standards), press each one to view the description of the outcome in its entirety, along with the evaluated grade.

    Assessment Legend:
    E=Excellent, P=Proficient, A=Adequate, L=Limited C=Consistent, F=Frequent, O=Occasional, S=Seldom

More Information and Setting Up Notifications

  1. Press the More button on the right side of the bottom menu to open up additional menu items.

  2. Press Account > Notifications.

  3. In the Push Notifications section, adjust the on/off toggles for Attendance entries and Grade Changes to be sent to your phone.
    *Hint: If enabling push notifications, also ensure that the general system settings on your phone are set to allow notifications for the PowerSchool Mobile app.

  4. In the Email Notifications section, adjust the on/off toggles and frequency of emails for EACH child.

Table of Contents Location: PowerSchool - Parent/Student Portal FAQs

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