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Template: Company Knewsletter 03.15.24


Company updates and announcements

Open enrollment is live! Please complete yours today!

What has a sprinkle of excitement and a dash of urgency? Yep, you guessed it - it's Open Enrollment Season! 🎈
It's time to select your benefits for the 4/1/24-3/31/25 plan year. Open Enrollment closes on Friday, March 22, 2024.

Important Open Enrollment Reminders:

This is an active enrollment so YOU MUST MAKE YOUR SELECTIONS BY MARCH 15th. You will not be auto-enrolled in a comparable plan. If you fail to do anything by 3/22, you will not have benefits as of 4/1/24.

FSA benefits are use it or lose it accounts. Be sure to use your FSA balance by 3/31/24. Check your balance online to see what's available to spend. Click here to learn what's eligible.

While our benefit plan year extends through 3/31/25, HSA will always be on a calendar year basis (unless the IRS updates this). With this in mind, your 1/1/24 - 3/31/24 (3 months of 2023 Benefit Plan Year) and 4/1/24 - 12/31/24 (9 months of 2024 Benefit Plan Year) HSA contributions combine for the 2024 IRS HSA year.

Check out our Benefits Summary for more information on this year's offering!

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Product updates


  • Now, when public Card sharing is disabled for a Collection, the checkbox for the ability to share file links publicly (when creating a Card in that Collection) is also disabled. Release note here
  • Ability to add filters to scheduled reports via analytics. Feature breakdown can be found here


  • April 17 - Custom fields for CRM, Ticketing and Project Management applications will be included in the enterprise search index and will be used in Answers when appropriate.
  • June 30 - Our newest search enhancements will be released to customers - technical FAQ here


Comms & PR updates

Guru in the news


People ops updates

eNPS update!

At the end of Q1, eNPS closed at XY, a YZ% increase from January 2024! 🤩

Please spend 5 minutes reading through this card for a full update on employee engagement @ Guru 🙏

Compliance Alert

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we do take creating a safe and harassment-free environment seriously.

As an employer, we're required to make sure we are all trained to be good stewards in the workplace. Look out for your biannual invitation to EasyLlama Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment training. Please complete it by the date instructed in your invite. If you have any questions, reach out in #help-peopleops or submit a People Ops Request Form.

05-what you missed.png

In case you missed it

Last Call! - Professional Development with Hone

A heads up that our contract with Hone ends on March 31st. If you are looking to add new skills to your toolkit this year be sure to take advantage of Hone's courses before the end of the month! Check out Hone's new group coaching classes (here's a quick intro to group coaching) as well as courses on a variety of topics ranging from professional development to communications to wellbeing. Be sure to reach out to People Ops if you have any issues registering!


Security updates

Will The Rock Ever Really Eat Rocks?

Have no idea what that title means? Well, if you check out the article (and video) here it may become more clear (and at the same time, unsettling). The article addresses how our lives will be upended by Sora, but maybe we shouldn't believe all the hype about how AI will give scammers a huge advantage. While it's worth taking a peek at some of the emerging concerns, if we just continue to apply a healthy pessimism to any online appeals for money, retail cards, bank account numbers, passwords, etc., we'll give AI the ol' heave ho and remain secure.

Remember, whether it's an old fashioned email or a super-polished video of "Rick" ordering us to buy him new patio furniture, there are usually a few giveaways that it's a scam, namely that there's a threat or a sense of urgency, the sender's email address is bogus, or what they're asking for could potentially be a high value payout.

True, AI could help make the text more conversational and more convincing, but trust your intuition. If something feels amiss, let Wes or Tag know by emailing security@getguru or Slacking #security-team.

(And don't let your guard down, scammers are still stealing millions through simple email phishing. A union in Boston just lost 6 mil!)11-Finance.png

Finance updates

Accounting Team Update

There is a slight change to our accounting team! Ronnie will be shifting his focus from Ramp/AP to billing & collections. Moving forward, for questions related to Ramp or vendor payables, please DM @jesse or @help-finance.

Team Roles:

  • Ronnie - Billing & Accounts Receivable (AR), Collections
  • Billie - Billing & Revenue
  • Jesse - Payroll & Accounts Payable (including Ramp)


Marketing updates

Follow along in #gtm-updates in Slack!


  • New homepage focused on Enterprise Search, complete with new gifs 🤩
  • New Integrations page - this is a v1, in v2 each logo will be clickable and sortable and go to its own page


  • Sizzle Video! - the one minute video will be replaced with a new version
  • An Entirely new reference section of our website
  • v2 of integrations pages


Important updates/Action items

2 out of 3 Onsite agendas are final!

Please take a few moments to review the agenda for the GTM and Product team upcoming onsites.

We will share the Operations team agenda when we have that finalized - we're planning that week now that we've got our other two onsites planned!

Come join us on April 18th at the Ronald McDonald House!

Our last two volunteer nights at the Ronald McDonald House Charity in West Philadelphia have been incredible and really rewarding 💚 please sign up in Guru to join the Product Design team at our next volunteer event!


Anonymous questions, where you at?

Feel like something's particularly tough right now and wonder what we're going to do about it?

Got a burning question, but you don't know who to ask?

We want to hear from you -- please share your toughest questions so that we can answer them (as best we can)!

06-add't resources.png

Happy Women's History Month!

Join the Guru Women ERG's Book Club - Ruth Bader Ginsburg's My Own Words

The Guru Women ERG is sponsoring a company-wide book club, honoring Women's History Month! We'll be reading the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's My Own Words -- at a time when women's rights unfortunately continue to be under attack, we'd love to have you join the discussion. RBG was incredibly influential and had a tremendous and lasting impact on women's rights, we're really looking forward to this one!

If you'd like to receive a free copy of this book, add your email to our Google sheet by next Wednesday, March 20th. We'll issue you a Ramp card to purchase the audio book or a physical copy, whichever you prefer. [hot tip: if you have Spotify Premium, your subscription includes THIS audio book, win!]

Consider using travel time to your team onsite [if you're flying/driving]! We'll host our book club discussion on May 1st, so we all enough time to read/listen! Keep an eye out for a calendar event to RSVP to.

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