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Template: How to Create a Unified Support Team

As we add new GreatCo. Support agents from across the country, we must remember first that we are one unified team. To that end, here are cultural practices that will keep our team growing together.

In no particular order:


  • REQUIRED: Join #donut-friends-forever in Slack

  • Get paired every other week with two other people in the company

  • Often not a member of CX team

"Donut Holes"

  • Don't wait for Donut to pair you with your own teammates

  • Reach out to teammates you haven't spoken to yet over Slack to make a personal intro

  • Then schedule 30 minutes to chat with them over Zoom


Check out our guide to using slack

  • REQUIRED: Use @mentions for important announcements (Note ET/PT difference)

    • East Coast: Make sure any important announcements, especially decisions made before noon ET, contain @cs so that the West Coast team and Katie will be notified.

    • West Coast: Start each day reviewing Slack. When @ mentioning or direct mentioning anyone after 2 PM, take care to note whether or not the request is urgent.

  • FUN: Randomly message a teammate in the opposite office just to say hi. This way, Slack becomes a place for social engagement, as one might have in an office, across multiple locations.


  • REQUIRED: All meetings must have a Zoom link in the invite!

    • Download the Zoom GCal extension here


  • FUN: Use a Life Story to your advantage.

    • They allows you to have more meaningful discussions with your teammates

      • e.g. from "Do you have a dog?" to "How is Tony doing?"

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