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Emergency Instance

According to Article XX(A) of the collective bargaining agreement between ACT-UAW Local 7902, Article XXIX of the AFL-CIO Local 802 collective bargaining agreement, and The New School, part-time faculty members are entitled to take safe and sick or emergency instance time off. Emergency Instance time off allows part-time faculty to take time off during emergency situations (such as a public health emergency, a personal health condition, or family emergencies), or for personal or professional reasons.

Eligibility & Accrual

Part-time faculty are eligible to take Emergency Instance time off, accruing one (1) emergency absence per course per semester. There are no constraints around emergency instance time off. Accordingly, PTF can elect to use this elected time for any personal or professional reason and will not be prompted to enter a reason when submitting Emergency Instance time off.

If part-time faculty elect Emergency Instance time off for the semester, they will not be able to utilize Safe & Sick time in that same semester, but will continue to accrue Safe & Sick time off. If part-time faculty utilize more than the one (1) allotted emergency instance per course per semester, any additional time off hours will be reduced from the overall pay of that course.

Please note: In the event that a part-time faculty member was absent from teaching and neglected to make a NYC Safe and Sick or Emergency Instance election by the last business day of the semester, the university reserves the right to make a default election to Emergency Instance. Part-time faculty members will still accrue safe & sick time for the semester.

Requesting Emergency Instance Time Off

Part-time faculty should use these instructions to request Emergency Instance time off in MyDay.

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