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Employee or Service Provider Determination Form

If you have short-term work that needs to be completed, the below Employee or Service Provider Determination Form will allow Human Resources to evaluate if the work is that of an employee or a service provider (e.g. an independent contractor (IC)) in accordance with the Service Provider Policy.

The below form does not need to be completed if you know that you need to hire a temporary employee. Please contact your Shared Services HR Partner or HR Partner to begin the hiring process for temporary employees.

The Employee or Service Provider Determination Form should be completed by the hiring manager who will oversee the work or by the department administrator depending on your unit's procedure. Please see Service Provider Engagement Procedure for a full overview of the process. The information below will be needed to complete the form:

  1. Type of work to be performed
  2. Job responsibilities or key deliverables
  3. Funding information
  4. Hours required per week
  5. Estimated start and end dates
  6. Work mode (e.g. on campus, remote)
  7. Frequency of payment and billing type
  8. Estimated or budgeted cost
  9. Role information
    1. Does the University need the ability to withhold payment if the work completed is unsatisfactory?
    2. Will this individual/provider be required to work exclusively with The New School?
    3. Are University credentials, such as email address, NewCard (ID badge), or access to University systems, needed?
    4. Will the University provide training or instruction, such as how to perform the work required?
    5. Will someone at the University directly supervise the work (rather than receiving progress updates)?
    6. Does the work require oversight of any students or University employees?
    7. Are there set work hours or a required schedule, such as being available Monday through Friday during normal business hours?
    8. Will University equipment or supplies be used to perform the work?
    9. Will the University reimburse business travel and expenses?

If you have already identified a potential individual/provider for this work, an additional Section 4 will display in the form. The list of provider details you will need to complete that section is listed in the Service Provider Eligibility Form.

The below form is also available here.

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