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Poster Policy


The New School (“TNS” or “university”) encourages free expression and protects academic freedom, which are central principles to the mission of higher education and New School values. Students, faculty, staff, registered student organizations, academic, and administrative units may desire to display posters that promote an event, exhibit, or activity, recruit, or express an opinion. As such, this policy sets forth the criteria and responsibilities for the temporary display of posters on university owned or leased property. The term “posters” for purposes of this policy includes, but is not limited to, banners, sandwich boards, leaflets, chalking, digital easels and displays, The New School website, and projections onto walls and similar surfaces. This policy does not include posters produced by the Office of Marketing and Communications.


The below are governed by this Policy:

  • Students
  • Student organizations
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Academic or administrative units
  • Third-parties including contractors


Posters are displayed for multiple reasons such as promoting or marketing an activity, recruiting others with shared interests, or expressing an opinion. Consistent with all applicable policies, posters may be put up on university-owned or leased property by students, faculty, staff, registered student organizations, or academic and administrative units, provided the posters display the sponsoring unit.

Students, faculty, and staff acting in their personal capacity unrelated to New School activities are prohibited from displaying posters. Non-university individuals, organizations, and groups are also prohibited from displaying posters on university-owned or leased property unless sponsored by a recognized TNS student organization, or academic or administrative unit. Content on posters reflects the views of the respective individual, organization, or unit and not the university.

The New School’s residential, academic, support, administrative or leased buildings may have their own procedures for displaying posters, including posting locations. These procedures shall not conflict with this policy but may be more stringent and must be followed by students, staff, faculty, recognized student organizations, academic and administrative units interested in hanging posters in those spaces.

This policy establishes the following time, place, and manner parameters in the displaying of posters. The university’s staff responsible for building operations are authorized to remove posters that violate this policy immediately and without notice.


Since there is limited space on campus to accommodate posters that members of the university community may want to post, posters may only be displayed temporarily in order to facilitate varied participant engagement. All posters must include the date that the poster was first displayed. If advertising an event, exhibit, or activity with a designated date, the poster may be displayed at the earliest 15 days before the event and must be removed by the student, faculty, staff, recognized student organization, academic or administrative unit within two business days after the conclusion of the event, exhibit or activity. Posters not related to an event, exhibit, or activity must be removed by the student, staff, faculty, recognized student organization, academic, or administrative unit at the latest 17 days after the date the poster was first displayed[AP1] [MD2] . As stipulated above, posters that violate this policy may be immediately removed without notice but generally, The New School’s staff responsible for building operations will remove posters on a routine basis in compliance with the stipulated time limitations and at the start of each month and at the conclusion of a semester.


The hanging of posters on exterior and interior locations on university owned or leased property is restricted to identified display areas (See Section “Designated Display Areas for Posters”). Chalking on university or leased property may only be done on horizontal, concrete, granite, or asphalt surfaces where the rain will wash away the residue completely. There may be no promotion of an event, exhibit, or activity, recruitment, or expression of opinion written on any organic surface (grass/soil). Posters are prohibited in corridors (not including bulletin boards in corridors), common walls, entryway doors (excludes office doors and residential doors if all residents in the room agree to the posting), windows (on windows facing inside or outside, hanging out of windows), and stairwells and may not cover, obfuscate, or change in any way campus signage or wayfinding. Posting of signage on the interior of elevator cabs is prohibited by the NYC building code and will be immediately removed by Buildings and Campus Operations.

Glue, poles, stakes, ropes, cable, or permanent fixtures are prohibited to hang a poster unless authorized in writing. Students, faculty, staff, registered student organizations, academic or administrative units will be responsible for any damage caused by their poster. Posting is limited to one poster on any allowed posting location and may not overlay other materials. Any banners must be mounted by Buildings and Campus Operations or their contracted vendor.


Posters are prohibited that display true threats, discrimination, harassment, intentional false advertising, invasion of privacy, or any other message that violates or encourages violation of law or university policy and codes of conduct[AA3] [AP4] [AP5] . The name and contact information for the staff, faculty, staff member, or student organization, academic or administrative unit responsible for the poster is required on the poster and must be visible to the reader.

All uses of The New School’s name, wordmarks, logos, seal, and colors must comply with the university’s visual identity policy. The following are the allotted size dimensions for printed materials:

  • No larger than 8.5” by 11” for posters
  • No larger than 18” by 24” for sandwich boards
  • No larger than 24” by 24” for banners

While the university encourages and supports free expression and academic freedom, staff, faculty, students, recognized student organizations, and academic and administrative units are encouraged to consider the impact that their posters may have on The New School culture and the experience of their fellow university community members.


Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary or conduct action up to and including removal from the university community. Additional consequences include, but are not limited to, denial of permission to display a poster, or the removal of a poster. All posters that do not abide by this policy will be removed.

The university does not have jurisdiction over posters displayed on non-university owned or leased property. As such, concerns related to posters displayed on non-university owned or leased property, feedback, and complaints should be reported to the New York Police Department.

Responsible University Officials

  • Vice Provost for Student Success and Engagement
  • Vice President of Buildings and Constructions

Responsible Office

  • Student Success and Engagement
  • Buildings and Campus Operations

Additional Information

See also Registered Student Organization Posting Policy.



Phone Number

Email Address

Student Leadership, Involvement,

and Transition Experiences


Buildings and Campus Operations


Designated Display Areas for Posters

Generally, posters may be hung on bulletin boards or pin-up surfaces within TNS residential, academic, support, administrative or leased buildings unless otherwise stipulated by the individual area. Postings on sheetrock walls, wood, glass, or other non-bulletin board surfaces will be removed by Buildings and Campus Operations. More specific area guidance is listed below; if a respective unit is not listed, generally identified areas like bulletin boards in those spaces are included in the scope of this policy.

Building A: 66 W 12th Street

  • C502 Corridor: wall by Men’s bathroom
  • C601 Corridor: wall by the short stairs up
  • C700 Elevator lobby: wall by the stairwell

Building B: 65 W 11th Street

  • C000 Corridor
  • 100 Lang Café: columns, wall near entrance
  • C201 Corridor
  • C200 Lobby
  • C303 Corridor
  • C400 Corridor

Building D: 79 Fifth Avenue / 6 E 16th Street

  • C600 Elevator Lobby
  • C702 Corridor: wall at entrance to room 707
  • C800 Lounge
  • 801 Café
  • C801 Corridor
  • L900 Lobby
  • C900 Corridor
  • L1000 Lobby
  • C1000 Corridor
  • L1100 Lobby
  • C1100 Corridor
  • 1204 Collaboration Area: wall adjacent to 1205 classroom

Building E: 25 E 13th Street

  • C507 corridor

Building G: 80 Fifth Avenue

  • All administrative and faculty offices

Building H: 72 Fifth Avenue

  • 300 Lobby: wall by main elevator/ stair
  • 400 Lobby: wall by main elevator/ stair
  • 500 Lobby: wall by main elevator/ stair
  • 600 Lobby: wall by main elevator/ stair
  • 700 Lobby: wall by main elevator/ stair

Building I: 55 W 13th Street

  • C100B Elevator Lobby
  • C300 Elevator Lobby
  • C301 Corridor: in front of window into stairwell
  • C400A Lounge
  • C402 Corridor: in front of window into stairwell
  • C505 Lobby
  • C507 Elevator Lobby
  • C507A Lounge
  • C511 Corridor
  • C523 Corridor
  • C600 Elevator Lobby
  • C602 Corridor
  • C604 Corridor
  • C700 Elevator Lobby
  • C701 Corridor
  • C703 Corridor
  • C801 Elevator Lobby
  • C905 Corridor
  • C904 Corridor

Building JJ: 39 W 13th Street

  • All pinup surfaces in open areas are considered classroom/ studio spaces

Building L: 2 W 13th Street

  • C102 Elevator Lobby
  • C301 Corridor
  • C302 Corridor
  • C303 Corridor
  • C304 Corridor
  • C404 Corridor
  • 406 Collaborative Workspace
  • C501 Corridor
  • 600 Open Workspace
  • C601 Corridor
  • C700 Lobby
  • C701 Corridor
  • C801 Corridor
  • C803 Corridor
  • C903 Corridor
  • C1001 Corridor: wall in front of 1010 offices
  • C1003 Corridor
  • C1100 Corridor
  • C1101 Corridor
  • C1102 Corridor
  • C1104 Corridor
  • C1200 Corridor
  • C1201 Corridor

Building N: 66 Fifth Avenue

  • 200 Open Workshop Making Center
  • C500 Corridor
  • C501 Elevator Lobby
  • C801 Corridor

Building UV: 63 Fifth Avenue, University Center

  • Lower Level 2 - L205 Fitness Room: walls outside of entrance door, level 2
  • Lower Level 2 - CL206 Elevator Lobby
  • Lower Level 2 - CL208 Corridor: Wall next to lockers
  • Lower Level 1 – L103 Events Café: one wall off double door entrance
  • Lower Level 1 – C008 Corridor: column wall
  • C206 Corridor: columns in dining hall
  • C201 Corridor: drinking fountain niche
  • C304 Corridor: walls by locker
  • 309 Bloom Student Lounge
  • C402 Corridor: Wall by Smith Student Resource Center 407
  • C403 Lockers Corridor
  • C404 Corridor: Wall by stair
  • S400: wall by Stair 1
  • C501 Corridor: wall adjacent to classroom 500, and around columns
  • C502A Lockers
  • C503 Lockers Corridor
  • 505 Schwartz Concourse Student Lounge
  • C601 Corridor in front of circulation desk
  • C603 Elevator Lobby
  • C604 Corridor: column in front of 616A & 616B

Building Z: 151 Bank Street

  • 100 Lobby: around 1 column, wall by 103 faculty lounge
  • C200 Corridor
  • C201 Elevator Lobby

Electronic Bulletin Board Locations

  • 55 West 13th Street Lobby
  • 66 West 12th Street Lobby
  • University Center Academic Lobby
  • 6 East 16th Street Lobby
  • 2 West 13th Street Lobby

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