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Trucks Growth Fund

Known as the No.1 early-stage venture fund focused on transportation, Trucks Venture Capital is proud to announce the Trucks Growth Fund.


Trucks Growth Fund invests in the later rounds of our portfolio companies from the Trucks Venture Capital core funds. Trucks evaluates over 1000 new transportation startups per year, and makes 6-8 new investments from its core seed funds every 12 months.

Trucks Growth Fund intends to invest in roughly 1-2 companies on a quarterly basis based on the best opportunities of our portfolio companies. While Truck Growth Fund will not be leading the round, we have been given preferential treatment to participate because of our strong relationship with the founders as their early (and often first) investor.

Track Record

Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2015, Trucks has established itself as the leading seed-stage investment fund for transportation startups. Of the roughly 40 investments from Trucks Venture Capital, 6 companies have exits (completed, announced or pending) for a combined total of approximately $7.5B, including:

  • AEye (acquired for $2B in 2021; NASDAQ $LIDR)

  • Joby Aviation (​acquired in 2021 for $5.7B in 2021; NYSE $JOBY)

  • nuTonomy (acquired by Delphi for $450M in 2017)

  • Roadster (acquired by CDK for $360M in 2021)

  • Bear Flag Robotics (acquired by John Deere at $250M in 2021)


We are the most experienced and most invested transportation venture fund in the world. We know and love transportation and have the ability to connect with experts and leaders across the industry. At a partner level, we have unique capabilities for which we are quite proud. Jeff Schox (GP) is the top patent attorney for early-stage startups (his firm Schox Patent Group wrote the patents for some of the most iconic startups in the last decade, including Coinbase, Cruise, Dropbox, Duo, Instagram, Joby, Plaid, and Twilio). Kathryn Schox (GP) is a core part of our team that assesses founders, team dynamics and helps clarify messaging. She’s also a cultural anthropologist, has been at the forefront of developing team dynamics in startups and has championed greater diversity within the automotive ecosystem. Reilly Brennan (GP) is widely followed and the now famous FoT newsletter is read by CEOs and leaders at the major car companies, banks and governments. Puneeth Meruva (Senior Associate) is a key part of our team that helps us with technical assessment of new companies and new ideas and previously worked at Uber and BMW.


The GP is committing a minimum of $5k per investment quarter.


We will provide intermediate reporting about the fund's investments, including annual tax documents.


Please see our disclosure note here.


Accredited investors can read more about the Trucks Growth Fund and invest here.

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