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View Compensation & Hourly Rate

Employees may view their current and historical compensation in MyDay. The Compensation section of the employee profile is a record of information related to employee salaries, pay rates, and allowances, pay change history, and both current and historical activity pay.

Please contact if you have questions about your pay and compensation.

  1. Log into MyDay. See Logging into MyDay if you need assistance.
  2. Click your Profile Picture in the top right corner.
  3. Click View Profile.
  4. Students and temporary employees in pooled positions will need to select their appropriate position. The same applies to individuals with multiple roles at the university. Click on the Multiple Positions icon (two arrows) located underneath your name and then select the desired position from the drop-down menu. This will bring you to the worker profile of that position.
  5. Click Compensation in the menu to the left.
  6. From here, all employees may view their current Compensation and Pay Change History by selecting those tabs at the top. Part-time faculty and student workers may also view their Current Activity Pay and Historical Activity Pay.
    View-Worker-Vicente-Archer-Workday (2).png
    1. Compensation: From here you may see general information about your current pay, including:
      1. Total Salary & Allowances
      2. Frequency of payment such as Hourly or Annual (Salaried)
      3. Grade and Grade Profile indicating or your employee and position type or salary band
    2. Pay Change History: View your historical compensation changes and when they were applied.
    3. Current Activity Pay: See View Activity Pay for details.
    4. Historical Activity Pay: See View Activity Pay for details.

Student Worker Example:


Part-Time Faculty Example:

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