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Template: Remote Work Resources Overview

This card serves as a hub for all of our current Remote Work Policy information. The purpose of this card is to keep everyone updated and on the same page on policies, resources, and best practices. We will continue updating it as needed. If you have any questions please reach out in the Slack channel #hr-requests.

Policy Information

Remote Work Guidelines — This document outlines our overarching best practices for this new remote work policy. Remember— we're all learning and experiencing this journey together.

Tools and Resources

This is your source for all things remote work. Everything from the workspace set-up to proper emoji usage can be found in here. If you have any additional questions shoot a Slack message to HR or in #office-remote.

Remote Work Tech Stack — This resource outlines all the different applications that we use, org-wide and on our specific teams, it provides a touch point person to direct any questions to via Slack.

Remote Work Scheduling — Prioritizing the upkeep of our schedules is top of mind. Please use this resource to make sure that you're keeping your calendar up to date, setting statuses, and maintaining a healthy work life balance.

Setting Up Your at Home Workspace — Use these tips to set up a workspace in your home that will encourage productivity and comfort.

Communication Guidelines — Remote communication can be tricky but it is key to a successful remote workforce. Use these tips to express yourself via chat without the help of non-verbal cues.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette — Switching to all virtual meetings can feel awkward at first. This guidance will help your virtual meetings run smoothly and feel more personal.

Balance and Well-being

We are here for you. Please utilize these resources and let us know if there's anything more that we can do to best support you.

Remote Work Health & Well-being — Staying sane while staying home isn't always easy. Use this tips to keep moving and maintain balance between work and personal life.

Mental Health Resources — Rapid changes can be anxiety inducing. Please use these resources as needed, take time for yourself, and, of course, check in with the HR team if you need any additional support!

Learn from the best

If you're new to working from home it can be helpful to draw learnings from those that have been in this game for years. These breakdowns show how successful organizations have scaled their remote efforts and made it work (from home).

Shopify's Remote KM Tips — Learn how Shopify, a remote and distributed team since 2014, leverages Knowledge Management to power their remote workforces.

Intercom's Strategies to Support Remote Work — Learn how Intercom stacks up their remote toolkit and sustains normalcy and morale.

External Resources

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