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Digital Registration

You will be able to replace all of your physical paper registration processes with this system. This system will let your patients register online for services, fill out all paperwork (your actual forms just digitized), sign forms electronically, take pictures of insurance and drivers license cards, and self-service register for specific appointment time slots.

Please submit a ticket IT Support Ticket Creation if you would like help configuring your digital registration setup.

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Digital Registration Standard Screens

The following screens are included with the standard digital registration setup. You can also enable drivers license and insurance card capture screens. Standard Service Types (these are configurable)

Standard First Screen. Notice, any field can be marked as required. Please be sure to specify which in your request to to setup this module.

Standard Second Screen

Card Capture Screen (if activated). This window will let a patient use their mobile device camera to take a picture of their driver's license and insurance cards or upload scanned images of these cards from their computer.

Standard Confirmation Page (shown to the patient right before saving their digital registration)image.png

Digital Registration Modes

There are 4 main modes for digital registration. Each service type can have one mode enabled

  • Instant
  • Scheduled
  • CallBack
  • External Schedule

Instant Mode

This mode lets patients specify the date/time they plan to show up for services. Useful in ER and Urgent care scenarios where you do not want to restrict patient flow.

The instant mode changes the final two pages to the following:

Instant Mode select date and timeimage.png

Instant Mode Confirmation Page with map and text capable directionsimage.png

Scheduled Mode

This mode will restrict patients to selecting a specified time slot between a start and stop business hours. This mode also restricts the number of patients allowed per time slot.

Scheduled Mode Select Time Slotimage.png

Scheduled Mode Confirmation Pageimage.png

Scheduled Mode Final Pageimage.png

Callback Mode

The callback mode does not let a patient specify an appointment date or time. Instead, it instructs patients to call into your scheduling phone line to complete their appointment.

Callback Mode Final Pageimage.png

External Schedule Mode

For clients who still need to use their existing online scheduling system. The final page's text can be altered to include instructions for patients to visit the URL of your system.

External Schedule Final Pageimage.png

Digital Documents To be Completed by Patients

Once you send us your list of registration documents to digitize we will activate the following pages. These occur right after the drivers license and insurance card capture pages or right after the standard screen 2 if you do not have card capture enabled.

Digital Documents Pageimage.png

Patients are required to fill out each form. Each form can have any combination of required fields. Once all forms are completed a new button “Review and Confirm” will appear and let the patient proceed through remaining steps of registering.

Checking a digital registered patient into GoRev

This process will create the patient visit (if it hasn't been already via Stat Check In or New Visit processes). It will also pull down and store a copy of all signed forms and uploaded documents (drivers license/insurance cards) in Patient Overview.

From the Online Registrations tab select the patient you are wanting to check in, right click, and click the Check In button.

You can also view the uploaded forms (Documents) and drivers license / insurance cards prior to checking in by clicking the respective buttons in the right click Menu.


The process will walk through the standard New Visit process. Complete this and upon clicking Save Visit the digital registration system will pull all documents into Patient Overview as shown below.


Sending a Registration Check in to a Patient's email or phone

From Patient Overview click the Patient Portal drop


Click send to phone or send to email (or repeat the process and send to both)


The patient will receive an email with your logo and this standard verbiage (this verbiage can be customized upon submission of a ticket). Clicking either link will walk the patient through the registration process described above.


The text message looks like:


GoRev Support Team

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this tutorial, please contact the GoRev Support Team by phone at (317) 794-3900 or by email at

Note: Always submit an IT Support Ticket detailing the problem that you are experiencing with this portion of GoRev, if possible, as this will give GoRev Support Agents access to information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue. If you are unsure how to submit an IT Support Ticket in GoRev, please see the IT Support Ticket Creation tutorial for assistance.

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