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Laboratories Table of Contents

Full Table of Contents

image.pngQuick OrderCreate a Quick Order in GoRev Labs
image.pngNew OrderCreate a New Order in GoRev Labs
image.pngEditing Lab OrdersLaboratory Order Workflow
image.pngResults OverviewReview and approve results for delivery to your clients
‚Äčimage.pngEditing Lab TestsSetup lab tests, map external IDs, set clinical ranges, and more
image.pngReportsA module for delivering of tabular data
image.pngQuality ControlA Data Capture and Analysis tool used for monitoring instruments to ensure accuracy and quality.
image.pngEditing Individual Specimen ResultsManually editing individual specimen's individual test results.
image.pngUsing Reference LaboratoriesDiscusses options for utilization of reference laboratories and related settings.
image.pngManage Testing Profiles (Lab Profiles)A utility for configuring custom testing profiles (custom sets of orderable tests usable by location, client, or manually as needed).


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