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Table of Contents

1: System Basics and Support

image.pngGoRev Launcher InstallationHow to Install GoRev Launcher
image.pngServer SelectionHow to Select a Server in GoRev
image.pngFirst Time User and LoginHow to Log into GoRev as a First Time User
image.pngNavigating Profile OptionsHow to Navigate the Profile Options Module in GoRev
image.pngFacility SelectionHow to Select a Facility/Unit in GoRev
image.pngIT Support Ticket CreationHow to Create an IT Support Ticket in GoRev
image.pngIT Support Ticket ManagementHow to Manage your IT Support Tickets in GoRev
image.pngIT Remote SupportHow to Start a Screen Connect Session with a GoRev Support Agent
image.pngGoRev System RequirementsDetailed requirements about Hardware and Software utilized by GoRev
image.pngSystem FailureHow to report system failures and security breaches

2: Registration and Patient Overview

image.pngScheduling Appointment CreationHow to create a new appointment in the GoRev Scheduling module.
image.pngNew VisitHow to Create a New Visit in GoRev
image.pngStat Check InHow to Perform a Stat Check In for a Patient in GoRev
image.pngPrevious Patient SearchHow to Search for Previous Patient within online registration.
image.pngAdvanced SearchHow to Perform an Advanced Search for a Patient in GoRev
image.pngAdding Worker's CompensationHow to Add Worker's Compensation Information to a Patient's Account in GoRev
image.pngAdding a PhysicianHow to Add a Physician to the GoRev System
image.pngNavigating Patient OverviewHow to Navigate the Patient Overview Module in GoRev
image.pngFile ManagementHow to Upload, Remove, and Retrieve Patient Files in GoRev
image.pngAccount NotationHow to Utilize the Account Notation Area of the Patient Overview Module in GoRev
image.pngPre-Registration ConfigurationHow to Apply A Patient Note to Multiple Patient Visits in GoRev
image.pngReal Time EligibilityHow to Utilize the Eligibility Module in GoRev
image.pngPatient PaymentsHow to Post, Void, and Refund Patient Payments in GoRev
image.pngBar Code Charge CaptureA charge capture tool that supports barcode scanning and explosive charging
image.pngCharge TemplatesHow to Navigate the Charge Templates Module in GoRev
image.pngCollaborative Insurance Group Management (CIGM)This GoRev module lets you save all details related to a specific groups (aka employer) insurance details including; fully-insured vs self-insured, payment method (UCR, MNRP, MRC2, etc), Plan types (PPO, HMO, POS, etc), Summary Plan Documents, and more
image.pngNavigating Data Entry WorkflowHow to Navigate the Data Entry Workflow Module in GoRev

3: Patient Portal and Electronic Communications

image.pngPatient Portal User ManualGuide navigating the patient portal from a patient perspective including registering for a visit online, communicating electronically with a provider, and reviewing/paying for balances due
image.pngProvider Portal User ManualGuide for utilizing the patient portal inbox where registrars, billers, and providers can communicate digitally with patients
image.pngElectronic Patient StatementsGuide for configuration and utilization of the GoRev Electronic patient statements module
image.pngDigital RegistrationGuide for configuration and use of the digital registration system. This system replaces all physical paper registration documents with a digital process patients can use via any device
image.pngPortal Scheduling IntegrationGuide for configuration and use of the patient portal integration into the Scheduling module within GoRev. This system will allow you to specify start and end business hours, time slot increment, allow patients to self schedule into the slots, and restrict slots to a specified number of allowed patients.
image.pngPortal Test ResultsGuide for configuration and use of the digital clinical/lab test result distribution system
image (2).pngCoupon CodesGuide for the GoRev Coupon Code system setup.

4: Scheduling Settings

Scheduling General SettingsHow to Define the General Settings for the GoRev Scheduling Module
image.pngScheduling Departments SettingsHow to Define the Departments Settings for the Scheduling Module as an Administrator in GoRev
image.pngScheduling Rooms and Resources SettingsHow to Define the Rooms and Resources Settings for the Scheduling Module as an Administrator in GoRev
image.pngScheduling Labels SettingsHow to Define the Labels Settings for the Scheduling Module as an Administrator in GoRev
image.pngScheduling Print Templates SettingsHow to Define the Print Templates Settings for the GoRev Scheduling Module

5: Laboratory Registration

image.pngQuick OrderCreate a Quick Order in GoRev Labs
image.pngNew OrderCreate a New Order in GoRev Labs
image.pngOrder WorkflowA laboratory order workflow allowing for specimen status tracking, canceling orders and more
image.pngEditing Lab OrdersLaboratory Order Workflow

6: Laboratory Back Office and Testing

image.pngBatch CreationCreate a Laboratory Batch in GoRev Labs
image.pngResults OverviewWhen it comes time to review and approve results for delivery to your clients, this is your primary tool.
image.pngEditing Lab TestsSetup lab tests, map external IDs, set clinical ranges, and more
Quality ControlA Data Capture and Analysis tool used for monitoring instruments to ensure accuracy and quality.
image.pngCOVID QR Codes Manual Resulting ProcessA guide dedicated to the manual resulting process. (for laboratories utilizing cartridge based COVID-19 testing or any testing where equipment is not capable of LIMS integration)
image.pngWaters TQD IntegrationA step by step guide to using GoRev Laboratory modules with MassLynx and and the Waters analysis equipment
image.pngSciex MultiQuant IntegrationA step by step guide to exporting test results captured by AB Sciex LCMS equipment and importing them into GoRev

7: Billing

image.pngPatient FinancialsThe financial account summary viewer within GoRev
image.pngBulk PostingAn advanced manual for the posting module with support for importing of 835 EDIs
image.pngLine Item PostingAn advanced manual for the Line Item Posting module with support for importing of 835 EDIs
image.pngDynamic Adjustment MappingAllows you to specify the desired default behavior for each CAS and Remark code related to posting adjustments.
image.pngAutomated Selfpay Rate AdjustmentsOnce enabled, GoRev will automatically adjust a visits balance down to the total of the self pay rates for all charges on an account and set the remaining balance to patient responsibility.
image.pngNavigating Posting WorkflowHow to Navigate the Posting Workflow Module in GoRev
image.pngReportsA module for delivering of tabular data
image.pngFollow Up BucketsHow to Navigate the GoRev Follow Up Buckets
image.pngFollow Up ReportsHow to Navigate Follow Up Reports in GoRev
image.pngMerging Duplicate AccountsHow to Merge Patient Accounts in GoRev
image.pngCodingAn advanced module allowing for assisted abstraction of cases in either ICD-9, ICD-10 or both
image.pngCoding ProductivityHow to Navigate the Coding Productivity Module in GoRev
image.pngWorkflowUser interface in GoRev to track the progress of a patients claim
image.pngBusiness Intelligence GradesA report card module grading the billing process on a number of key factors

8: Reports

image.pngStandard Report SetThe Standard GoRev Report Set
image.pngUser Access ReportsHow to Run User Access Reports in GoRev
image.pngPatient Details ReportsHow to Run Patient Details Reports in GoRev
image.pngDaily Cash Drawer ReportsHow to Run End of Day Cash Drawer Reports in GoRev
image.pngReports SchedulingHow to Utilize the Report Scheduling Module in GoRev
image.pngReport Filters and ViewsGoRev Advanced Report Filters and Views
image.pngGoRev Bulk Automated ActionsGoRev Bulk Automated Actions

9: State Reporting

image.pngTHCIC System13Texas State Reporting into THCIC System 13

10: Administration

image.pngPatient Statements SettingsHow to maintain all settings related to statement generation
Existing User ManagementHow to Edit Information, Manage Passwords, Terminate, and Delete Existing Users as an Administrator in GoRev
Setting up Restricted AccessHow to configure a user for restricted information access
Security Groups and PermissionsGoRev Security Groups and Permission
image.pngGoRev Administrative Permissions and Groups TutorialHow to Navigate the Permission and Group Features as an Administrator in GoRev
image.pngAdministrative Team ManagementHow to Navigate the Team Management Feature as an Administrator in GoRev
image.pngInsurance Carrier ManagementHow to Add New Insurance Carriers, Edit Existing Insurance Carriers, and Delete Unwanted Insurance Carriers as an Administrator in GoRev.
image.pngGoRev Administrative Plan Management TutorialHow to Create New Insurance Plans, Edit Existing Insurance Plans, and Delete Unwanted Insurance Plans as an Administrator in GoRev.
image.pngPhysician DirectoryConfiguration tool for creating and maintaining doctors that practice at or refer to the active facility
image.pngNew ChargesHow to Create a New Charge as an Administrator in GoRev.
image.pngExplosive ChargesHow to Create an Explosive Charge as an Administrator in GoRev.
image.pngGoRev Administrative Charge Master TutorialHow to Navigate the Charge Master Module as an Administrator in GoRev
image.pngPreference Card DesignerA tool for creating preference cards for use in physician specific operation customization and charging
image.pngPrint ServicesConfiguration tool for defining digital document templates that can be printed or exported to PDF based on data from a patient chart
image.pngLocationsConfiguration tool for defining physical location and billing details of the Facility or offsite locations
image.pngLookup TablesA configuration tool for editing option lists used in various places throughout GoRev
image.pngBatchingPatient statement and insurance claim batch generator
image.pngVisit StatusA tool to create and edit visit statuses

11: Automated Data Importing

Data Import UtilitiesA set of utilities that are used to import data from CSV files in specific formats into a GoRev facility database

12: Denial Management Guides

image.pngDenial ManagementA guide by CAS code on how to respond to and resolve insurance carrier denials.


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